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Nitecore NU05 Headlamp Review

While most flashlight’y people don’t like a headlamp that has any plastic whatsoever, I am not in that group.  This Nitecore NU05 is a kind of novel headlamp because it’s a headlamp/bike tail light.  Regardless of it’s utility, it’s fun.

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Nitecore i8 Charger Review

I’m gladly still receiving items for review from Nitecore.  This time it’s a charger, the brand spankin’ new Nitecore i8 8 bay charger.  My main squeeze is a Nitecore d4, which I’ve been using for ages now.  I like that one a lot, and I’m interested to see how this i8 fares, too.

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DQG Tiny AA Brass Flashlight Review

I’m on a brass kick lately!  So I asked GearBest to send me this DQG Tiny AA Brass.  I already know I like DQG lights a lot, and I already know I like brass… So I was excited to see this one in person!

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Elephone Elenter Game1 UK Mechanical Keyboard

I’ll be honest, this board just showed up one day from GearBest.  I don’t remember asking for it (I probably did) but … It’s the UK version of this ELE board.  Which means it’s ISO layout.  Anyway, I can still test it!  So here’s the review of the ELE Elenter Game1-UK mechanical keyboard.

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Astrolux S42 Flashlight Review

With the continuing popularity of the Astrolux S41, an updated was developed: The S42.  This light is essentially iterative, but adds micro-USB charging.  And the Nichia emitter (which I have here) is 219c instead of 219b.  Possibly most importantly, a new user interface! Let’s see how this S42 stacks up!

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LTE Tactical Lighting Zoomy

LTE Tactical messaged me about reviewing a couple of their lights.  I agreed to review this zoomy because it seems like a ubiquitous style of zoomy.

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Sunwayman C12CC and C22CC Flashlight Review

It’s been a while since I reviewed a Sunwayman light, and they’ve put out some interesting things.  The lights I’ve been working on are the CC series.  GearBest was kind enough to send me both the C12CC and C22CC, which are essentially the same light with a difference in cell body.  As such, this review will be a co-review for the two, with the differences noted where necessary.

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Zanflare C4 four bay Charger Review

Zanflare recently entered the market with some flashlights, and now they have a charger on the market too!  Looks pretty well built, but let’s dive in and see how it works.  This model is called the “C4” and it’s a 4 bay, multi size, multi chemistry, analyzing charger.

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Obins Anne Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review

Truth be told, I’ve had an Obins Anne Pro for quite a while.  When the opportunity came to review one, I thought I’d branch out from my normal switches, and get a different colorway in for review. So I can say up front that I knew I’d like this board, and now I have two of them.

Read on for a deeper look!

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