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Acebeam X80 Flashlight Review

I have an in creasing interest in can lights, and this x80 by Acebeam looks so great…. I reached out to and they agreed to send one out for review.  Here’s that review. Hope you enjoy!

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Nitecore HC65 Headlamp Review

Nitecore has a few headlamps out now and this one is an interesting entry – it has three emitters.  A main emitter, a secondary NW emitter, and a red emitter.  All powered by a single 18650 and in a reasonably small package.

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Thrunite TC20 Flashlight Review

There’s a new light on the block from Thrunite, and I weaseled a review unit out of them (just kidding, they sent it willingly!!).  I’m excited to have this one, because there’s not a ton of info out there on it yet, and it’s nice to have an early copy!

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Lumintop Tool AAA, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, and Titanium Combo Review

In truth I’m probably the last flashlight person on Earth without a Lumintop Tool AAA.  But there are some variations I’ve gained interest in, and they’re also a an inexpensive way to get Nichia 219b emitters.  GearBest was kind enough to send three out for review.  After getting those three I liked them enough to purchase the Brass version for myself!

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Convoy S9 Flashlight Review

As far as I can tell this is a fairly new release from Simon.  It’s the Convoy S9, which is an 18650 light with on-board charging and an indicating side e-switch.  An interesting entry!  I was excited to try it, and GearBest sent one out for review.  

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QuadHands Magnetic Workbench Review

I’ve (surprisingly?) had a few electronics projects ongoing lately, and found myself in need of a third hand.  I got in touch with the nice folks at QuadHands, and they sent out a Deluxe Magnetic Workbench.  I can’t be happier to have it, and put it through some paces.

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Klarus Mi1C Flashlight Review

Here’s a tiny Klarus light, rivaling the Olight S1 Mini in size – easily one of (if not the  smallest 16340 light available.  This one’s different, however, as it has an aspheric lens.  While it’s true that these might not have all the uses of a TIR or reflector lights, don’t discount it too quickly; these are greatly useful little lights.  Read on for more!

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MPOW DS-D6 Fitness Band Review

Having worked with GearBest long enough and built a relationship, sometimes things just… show up in my mailbox.  This is one of those things.  I’ve expressed some interest in bike computers before, and I think this item is trickle down.  Nonetheless, I’m going to give it a look, because step tracking and heart rate monitoring is something that interests me.  This is the MPOW DS-D6.

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Zebralight SC63w Flashlight Review

Fasttech sent a message asking if I’d like to review a light for them.  I don’t turn down many lights, so I said sure!  They suggested a few brands and we settled on this Zebralight.  Yes, it’s already been replaced by a newer model, which Fasttech doesn’t carry (yet?).  Nonetheless, the Zebrlaight sc63w is still a great offering, and worth review.

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Eagle Eye X1 Flashlight Review

I’ve liked Eagle Eye lights before (the X2R was a personal favorite!). So when I saw this smaller Eagle Eye available, I asked GearBest for it, and they obliged.

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Xiaomi Flashlight/Powerbank Review

This unusual light just showed up in the mail one day.  It’s not one I’d ask for and not something that would be in my normal rotation, but I figured ‘why not’?  So here’s the Xiaomi LED 240Lm Minimalist Portable Flashlight.

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Nitecore TINI Keychain Flashlight Review

I’ve liked the other tiny plastic Nitecores (Tip, Tube, Thumb), but when the TINI was announced, I knew it was the one for me.  I’m happy to have this blue TINI, and run it through some testing.  

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Dibea F6 Handheld Cordless Vacuum Review

This is the second vacuum I’ve reviewed from GearBest.  (Ok, ok the other was reviewed by my lovely wife, with much help from me.)  Anyway I decided to run the show on this one.  This is a handheld Dyson-like vortex/canister vacuum.

Yes this is a bit of a departure from my normal posts here.  I believe I’ll start using Thursday as my one-off reviews.  Like vacuums!!

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Nitecore HC33 Headlamp Review

Nitecore sent out another headlamp, this time a single 18650 light.  I happen to really like angle lights, and I’m considerably into 18650 lights as well, so I’m interested to see how this little light performs.  This is the Nitecore HC33.

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XTAR Over 4 Slim 2-bay charger

I’ve started talking to XTAR a good bit more lately, and after my last XTAR review (of the VC2 Plus Master), this just released XTAR charger showed up in the mail one day.  This is the XTAR Over 4 Slim.  “Over 4” is an indication of performance – this unit is rated for charing at FOUR POINT ONE amps!!

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JETBeam T6 Flashlight Review

I’ve gotten a taste for bigger lights and even though this isn’t a new light, I was excited to get it from GearBest.  And I happen to typically like JETBeam lights, too.  So here’s the JETBeam T6!

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