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Easythreed E3D Nano 3d Printer Review

The truth is that I haven’t used a 3D printer before using this one, so there was quite a big learning curve for me.  As a result I’ve had this item in for review longer than most items.  But I’ve used it a lot, and can give my experiences and thoughts, which can possibly help you.  

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Wowtac BSS V3 Flashlight Review

After my recent Thrunite review of the TC20, Thrunite asked if I’d be interested in reviewing the Wowtac BSS v3.  Here’s that review!  This light is a collaboration with Black Scout Survival, and is the third iteration of the light.

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JETBeam JET-E40R Flashlight Review

Another JETBeam with on-board charging!  This time in 18650 format.  I’ve already reviewed the similar AA/14500 light.  I was excited to test this one out, because it’s also got an emitter I’ve never tested!  

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QZSD Q668SC Tripod / Monopod Complete System

This tripod is another item I’ve asked over and over for GearBest to send me.  They agreed and boy have they sent a nice one.  I don’t have a ton of experience with tripods, but I’ve used this one and formed some impressions! Read on!

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Klarus G35 Flashlight Review

I’ve come to like throwers, and I’ve liked many Klarus lights in the past.  I’ve been interested in trying out one of their dedicated throwers, and GearBest sent this G35 to me for testing.  Seems like a nice light?  Let’s give it a go.

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Nitefox UT20 Flashlight Review

This is the second (and final for now) Nitefox review.  This is an 18650 light with dual switches, and an indicating switch.  Nice light; read on for more!

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Rofis MR70 Flashlight/Powerbank Review

Rofis is a new (ish) brand to me, and tends to bring new and interesting things to the table.  This is a reasonably small 26650 light, with a Cree XHP70.2, on-board charging, and can act as a powerbank!  That’s a lot of features, so let’s see how well they actually work.

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JJRC Q39 Highlander 1:12 RC Desert Truck Review

I’d been quite interested in testing an RC Car, both because it seemed new and interesting, and I just wanted to play with one.  GearBest sent me this JJRC Q39 Dune Buggy to test, and I’ve been playing with it for quite a while now.  Here’s my review!  My first RC review; I’m open to improvement suggestions!

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Nitefox K3 Flashlight Review

Truth is, I really only like one kind of twisty light.  That happens to be triple A pocket lights.  Nightfox wanted to send another of their lights for review (the UT20) and I asked that they include this little twisty.  So here’s how that one pans out!  (The UT20 will likely be finished later this week.)

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Acebeam UC15 Keychain Flashlight Review

Here’s a new little Acebeam keychain light, but with some unusual bonus features: red emitter, uv emitter, and AAA cells, and 10440 support!  And a metal body, which is an even nicer touch.  I’m pleased to have this one, and happy to put it through the paces.

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