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Nitefox UT25 Flashlight Review

I’ve handled a few Nitefox lights (here are those reviews).  Generally I’ve been impressed especially at their cost.  The UT25 is one of the newer offerings.  A dual switch ‘tactical’ light.  Here’s the review!

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Silent Automatic Ceramic Hair Curler Review

GearBest often asks me if there are any other categories I’d like to get items from.  Some of those times I throw the question in front of my wife.  This is one of those times, and one of her answers.
We have a lot of hair that can be curled around our house, but none of it is mine.  So this post is based on feedback from my family.

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Nitecore MT22C Multi-Task Tactical Flashlight Review

Next in my somewhat long list of Nitecore lights is a light very similar to the P26 I just reviewed.  This is a smaller variant, still with the rotary dial and dual switch.

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Vapcell 18350 10A Li-Ion Cell Review

For a while now, I’ve been looking into getting a “cell sponsor.”  I review a bunch of lights and I’d love to keep these cells as fresh as possible.  Luckily enough the kind folks over at LiIonWholesale agreed to send over some cells now and again.  These are the first cells they’ve sent – Vapcell 18350.

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Astrolux K01 CU "Tactical" Flashlight Review

Banggood got in touch about a review item and we agreed on this Astrolux light.  I generally like Astrolux lights, and this copper light is stunning.  Plus it has a great UI!

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GPD Pocket Computer Review

Reviewing computers is a bit outside the scope of my expertise.  However, I was in need of a Windows machine for use with some other review items (namely the EasyThreed E3D Nano), and GearBest agreed to send this little computer to me for use with that printer, and for review.  Here’s the review of the GPD Pocket Computer!

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Liitokala Lii-402 Charger Review

I’ve reviewed a Liitokala charger before (the Lii-500).  I liked that one, so I was excited to get the Lii-402, a simpler 4-bay charger by Liitokala.  Read on for my thoughts and experiences!

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Utorch S1 Mini 5000K and 6500K Flashlight Review

Utorch has been a brand I liked since a while back, when I reviewed the UT02.  I really liked that one, and it’s been a go-to recommendation for a while.  When I saw these two small lights on GearBest, I was very interested to test them.  So here’s the Utorch S1 Mini, a 16340 aspheric!

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Nitecore P26 Infinitely Variable Brightness Tactical Flashlight Review

Nitecore seems to like to play around with UI’s, and here’s another new one. The P26 has an infinitely variable rotary dial on the head. It’s quite interesting. The rest of the light is very similar to some of Nitecore’s other lights. Let’s see how the P26 and its rotary dial stack up.

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