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JJRC Q46 Speed Runner RC Car Review

After my previous experience with a remote control car, I wasn’t just ready to jump on the bandwagon for another one. But GearBest wanted to send this car…. And it was another by the same brand that broke on me. JJRC. So I was skeptical. This is the JJRC Speed Runner Q46. Spoiler: it’s orders of magnitude better than the Q39!!! 

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Nitecore Concept 2 Flashlight Review

Nitecore has released a second in their “Concept” series.  This is the Concept 2.  A four cell, four emitter with on-board charging and an indicating switch.  It looks pretty spectacular on paper, especially when it’s noted that this tiny light is Nitecore’s highest output light to date!  Let’s see how it breaks down.

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Wuben TO10R Flashlight Review

Another light from Fasttech!  This time it’s a new brand for me; Wuben.  Wuben says on their website that they’ve been in the flashlight market for over 30 years.  They make quite a few lights I hope to eventually get to test, but for now it’s the TO10R, a 16340 triple with on-board charging!

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Ganzo F7551-CF Axis Lock Folding Knife Review

When I saw this one I immediately wanted one.  I love cleavers, I love carbon fiber, and the overall design of this one just drew me in.  GearBest sent one over – this is the Ganzo F7551-CF!

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Ultratac K18 Mini Brass Keychain Flashlight Review

I, like everyone else, recently reviewed the Ultratac A1.  When I agreed to that one, I also asked for this light, the Ultratac K18 Mini Brass.  Mike at Ultratac agreed, and here’s my review of this tiny little light!

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FidgetHQ Aonic 18350 and 18650 Flashlight Review

There’s a new maker in town!  These guys are FidgetHQ, makers of some fine and very popular fidget spinners in brass, stainless, copper, and titanium.  They know how to get things done, and they’ve set their eyes on flashlight.  This is their first offering, a triple emitter, 18650/18350 light, with Bistro firmware.  Here’s my review of this light!

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XTAR Dragon VP4 Plus Analyzing Charger Review

Along with the XTAR PB2 I recently reviewed, XTAR sent the Dragon VP4 Plus 4 bay 2A charger.  This is an interesting charger, with some unusual features, and I’m glad to give it a test, too!

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Olight I1R EOS Flashlight Review

Olight has a new tiny keychain light out.  In the meantime of me asking for the X9R, Olight wanted to send out the I1R and I3T.  I’ve already reviewed the I3T, so here’s the I1R!

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VIVIBRIGHT GP100 Projector Review

GearBest sent over a projector for review.  I think this one’s a hot item at the moment; here’s my review and thoughts on it!  Note I’ve not reviewed a projector before, so this review could be slightly basic for seasoned projector veterans out there; I’m always open to improving my reviews based on constructive criticism!  

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Ultratac A1 Flashlight Review

Ultratac got in touch with me recently to review a light of theirs.  They have a few brass offerings and I was interested, so I agreed to review the A1 if they also sent a brass light.  The brass light (K18 Mini) will be reviewed soon, but here’s the A1 for now.

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