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Fenix E18R Flashlight Review

I’m pleased to have another Fenix light review.  This is a brand that seems underrepresented in (at least “my”) reviews, and I hope to get to reviewing more of them.  This is another small light, using a 16340 cell, with built in magnetic charging.  Read on!

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XTAR SC2 Charger Review

Today I have another charger by XTAR in for review.  I have reviewed a number of “simple” chargers by XTAR (the D2 and D4, for example).  This is simple in the same way, but adds Quick Charge 3 connectivity.  That means it should be capable of faster (much faster?) charging that other (non QC3) chargers.  Let’s see if that pans out!

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XTAR D36 5800 Flashlight Review

XTAR has a new dive light out.  It’s an interesting light, with dual emitters that fits both flood and spotlight cases, and has a ridiculous output level.  There’s removable battery pack, OLED display, two switches – just a lot going on!  Read on to see how the light works!

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Vapcell 14500 Button Top Li-ion Cell Review

Second in my list of Vapcell cells directly from Vapcell is another 14500.  This is presumably the same cell as the flat top, but with a button added.  Performance should be very similar, though!  Read on for graphs and more!

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Occasionally I get a light that I ask for.  Sometimes I don’t…  Sometimes I ask for something just because it looks fun and awesome and like it also might get you shot by police, and I get sent this light for review.  This is a hunting light.  I’m no hunter.  It’s still neat and fun, and I can evaluate.  I hope the info here will be useful for hunters.  This light has so many options.  I tapped out just a little with regards to a leave-no-screw-unturned rigorous evaluation, but I hope there’s a reasonable amount of info here.

Also forgive me for a little bit of holiday cheer – I’ve saved this Red and Green light for my Christmas Light review!!  Merry Christmas!

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JETBeam RRT2 Tactical Flashlight Review

JETBeam has out a tactical light with a novel switch.  The light overall is a fairly simple one, but the switch is something new.  It’s a sort of a ‘knock’ switch – lean the tail switch in any direction to change the modes.  Is it good?  Well read on and see!

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Vapcell 14500 Flat Top Cell Review

I have an awesome number of Vapcell’s in for review, and this is the first of the bunch.  These are unprotected flat top 14500 cells, and here I’m testing two of them (as always).  14500 cells are the same size as AA cells, but don’t always work in those lights, due to the higher Li-Ion voltage.  

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Thrunite TH10 V2 Flashlight Review

Thrunite has a new version of their popular TH10 headlamp. This one’s still 18650, but is a right angle light instead of a side light. An interesting update; let’s see how this one performs!!

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Amutorch AT40 Flashlight Review

This is a review I’ve been putting off for months now (literally – I received this light way back in July). This is a new light by Amutorch, sold by BangGood, using 18650s and emitting with Cree XP-G3’s.

Read on for more! This is a review you’ll probably enjoy!

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Posted in Cell Testing EVVA 18650 Cell Review

LiionWholesale sent a couple of their new cells for some testing.  This is the new Samsung 50e, a 21700 li-ion cell.  It’s rated for 10A continuous discharge.  Read on for performance graphs!

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