Nightwatch Seeker Ns22 Flashlight Review

Nightwatch Seeker Ns22 Flashlight Review

The Nightwatch Seeker Ns22 is a 21700 cell flashlight that offers a single Luminus SST-20 emitter for good throw. Read on for testing!

Official Specs and Features

Here’s a link to the Nightwatch Seeker Ns22 Flashlight product page.


There are quite a few options for this light.  First the bodies.  There’s an 18650 body (which is what I have) and an optional 21700 body.  The head size is the same regardless.  The head has a standard bezel, but there’s an optional stainless bezel as well.  Then there are all the emitter options.

Here’s the list:
SST20 3000K 95CRI
SST20 4000K 95CRI
SST20 5000K
SST20 6500K
SST40 6500K
XHP50.2 6500K
XHP50.2 5000K

Look at all those choices!!

Price and Coupon

Prices start at $26, and go all the way to [more than $26] depending on the options you want.

Here’s a tracking link to Neal’s store.  Use that link and this coupon to get 17% off!  NDNS22.

Short Review

This is a neat light, particularly in light of the option to use 18650 or 21700 cells.  The UI is a bit simple, but for $26 it’s hard to beat.

Long Review

The Big Table

Nightwatch Seeker Ns22
Emitter: Luminus SST-20 (5000K)
Price in USD at publication time: $26.00
Cell: 18650
Turbo Runtime High Runtime
LVP? Yes
Switch Type: Mechanical
On-Board Charging? No
Claimed Lumens (lm) 1250
Measured Lumens (at 30s) 1043 (83.4% of claim)^
Claimed Throw (m) 600
Candela (Calculated) in cd (at 30s) 2820lux @ 5.904m = 98297cd
Throw (Calculated) (m) 627.0 (104.5% of claim)^
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^ Measurement disclaimer:  Testing flashlights is my hobby. I use hobbyist-level equipment for testing, including some I made myself. Try not to get buried in the details of manufacturer specifications versus measurements recorded here; A certain amount of difference (say, 10 or 15%) is perfectly reasonable.

What’s Included

In my case, just the light was included!  No spare o-rings or anything else.

But the retail package will include:

  • Spare lens
  • Lanyard
  • Spare o-rings (2)

Package and Manual

The package is a simple cardboard box.  The only identifying mark on my package was the handwritten note above.  Most likely “20 5000” – that’s the emitter type.  SST20 and 5000K.  There’s no other identifying mark.

There is no manual included.

Build Quality and Disassembly

This light isn’t the cleanest build I’ve seen.  The knurling is good.  Around the head, the fins are a bit sharp.

Otherwise, the build is not bad.  There are a bunch of cooling fins, which is good for a light claiming 7A on turbo.

Again note that I have the 18650 version.  And note that there’s a 21700 version.  Below you can see how they use the same head – the 18650 body has quite a bit of thickness in the body tube.  I don’t have the 21700 body but I do believe the 18650 version is no thinner than the 21700 version.  As such, I’d like to have seen them all be 21700 bodies, but with a plastic sleeve adapter.

There’s a spring on the head and tail.  Both springs are beefy but the tail spring in particular – I can’t remember a thicker spring on any light!  It also has a very copper look – probably copper coated.  Either way, great for low resistance!

The threads on the tail end are anodized, square-cut, and very lubed.  The threads on the other end of the cell tube (not pictured) are not anodized, but also square-cut.  Removing the cell tube takes a fair amount of motivation and grip.

As I’ve said, the body for the 18650 option is very thick.  Sensible of course when there’s a 21700 option with no difference in the head (ie the tube diameter in the threaded areas is the same for both).  But with the 18650 tube only, the thickness is a bit offputting.

Size and Comps

Weight: 184g without cells
Dimensions: 41 mm head x141 mm length

Retention and Carry

There are no options for carry of this light – no pouch, no clip, no lanyard, etc.  There is a lanyard hole in the tactical ring and also in the tailcap.  Lanyards are practically ubiquitous, but still, you’re left to find your own.

The light will not quite tailstand reliably.

Power and Runtime

I tested this light with a single 18650 cell.  I used an LG HG2, but any size or type 18650 should work fine.  Springs on both ends of the light ensure that.

Turbo respectably doesn’t have any stepdowns, but is also not regulated.  The output tracks the cell voltage for the duration of the runtime.  Toward the end, the light gives a useful low voltage warning by flashing the emitter off and on.

High has a similar profile but does look to be regulated for a while before dropping off with cell voltage.

Based on testing with the bench power (and as evidenced by the runtimes), the light has LVP that begins warning the user at around 3.1V and shuts off at around 3V.

User Interface and Operation

The switch used on the Nightwatch Seeker Ns22 is a mechanical reverse clicky on the tailcap.  It’s a very usual reverse clicky setup.  The rubber boot is a nice big pad with cross hatching.

The UI is simple.

Here’s a table!

State Action Result
Off Click On (Mode Memory)
Off Half Click No Action
On Click Off
On Half Click Mode advance (LMH direction)
On Double Half Click Turbo

Modes and Currents

Mode Mode Claimed Output (lm) Claimed Runtime Measured Lumens Tailcap Amps
Turbo 1043 4.50
High 859 2.57
Medium 484 1.15
Low 65 0.13

LED and Beam

As stated above, there are a bunch of emitter options.  I have the Luminus SST-20 in 5000K.  The SST20 is the thowier version and more fitting for the smooth deep reflector than the XHP50.2.

Tint vs BLF-348 ( 219b version) (affiliate link)

Random Comparisons and Competitive Options….

As a light available with all these emitters, and available as an 18650 or a 21700, all starting at $26, this light is hard to beat.  I’d compare it to a Convoy C8, but I like the choices of emitters here.


What I like

  • Emitter options
  • 18650 and 21700 cell tube is available.
  • LVP
  • Modes don’t have stepdown (but do fade as the cell

What I don’t like

  • The built quality could be a little better
  • The UI is a little simple, and slow to change modes


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6 thoughts on “Nightwatch Seeker Ns22 Flashlight Review”



    I am getting the same version [SST-20 5000K] that you tested. However, I will be using the 21700 EXT. W/ a Samsung 50E. Run time will be much better.

    The battery should NOT make any difference regarding this question.

    1. Since the light is regulated and has NO step down, IF I step back up to TURBO every 3 or 4 minutes will I be able to maintain ORIGINAL turbo output for several minutes EACH time I bump it up OR as battery depletes so does the turbo output?

    I am guessing it is the latter.


    1. The battery should NOT make any difference regarding this question.

      That’s right – they’re both li-ion cells.

      the light is regulated and has NO step down

      That’s not right – the light is not regulated. If it was regulated, we’d see a much flatter output even on turbo. If you were to step back up to Turbo, output will likely go up, but no, very unlikely that it’ll reach the initial turbo output. And since this light is pulling ~4.5A on turbo, after some amount of turbo use, cell voltage will have dropped dramatically. So the latter is correct – as the battery depletes, so does turbo output.

      Thanks for reading!


        Thanks. I meant NOT regulated,,,mistake on my part!

        I had the 3000K version and sold it on BLF,,,TOO warm for me and did not realize[ONLY One Number given for SST-20 output] that it would not be 1250L/90Kcd.

        ALL of my trail lights are modded,this will be the First STOCK type light,,,,,definitely worth it for $25 w/ 21700 tube! 🙂


    Hi,,,me again! Just got the light.

    Does MODE MEMORY also apply to Turbo and with a battery change?

    It is difficult to tell the difference by Eye b/w High and Turbo,,,only 200 lumen difference.I do my run time tests on Turbo in increments w/ some rest[remove battery and test voltage] .

    I want to make sure it is back on Turbo when I take out battery and turn back on,,,,,,,,otherwise do I need to Double Half press again to activate Turbo?


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