Since I’m working with BangGood again, I‘ve added a much-easier-to-manage sheet on my coupon page.

Here’s a link!  (removed link!)

I think you’ll find the lights listed there to be much more interesting than some of the other lights I’ve had listed on my sheet lately.  I’m also separating the BangGood products into their own tab, which I think will better suit you, too.

All the links there are referral links.  Even if you don’t buy it helps me for you to click through – BangGood gets all the good lights, and I like to review all the good lights!  So if you like reading my reviews at all, click on through!!

Here’s the link again, to the BangGood coupons!  (removed link!)

Update:  BangGood asked me to not share the deals directly – instead, ask for any light they have and I’ll get a coupon for you.  Sorry for that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but that’s what they said they want.  Because of the manufacturer….

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