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Nitecore TIP2 Keychain Flashlight Review

This is the new Nitecore TIP2, a neat little dual emitter, built-in cell keychain light!  Read on for photos and thoughts!

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XTAR VC4S 4-Bay Charger Overview

Today I’m back at it with an item from XTAR.  This is their new charger the VC4S.  It’s a 4-bay charger with some pretty impressive capabilities!  Read on for more!

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JETBeam JET RRT01 Flashlight Review

The new hottest light on the market seems to be the JETBeam RRT01.  It’s a rotary light!!  That’s very unusual, and I’m very pleased that JETBeam revisited this light, which has been discontinued for a long while.  Read on to see what makes it special, and if it really stands out!

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Redcat Gen8 International Scout II 1/10 Scale Remote Control Crawler

I love playing with RC cars.  I’m not “good at it” (since there are competitions, there is a “good at it”), but I thoroughly enjoy it.  Other members of my family do, too.  After my review of the VKAR [super fast] car, I wanted something slower that I could more readily hand off to others, for crawling, and the like. 

Enter the Redcat Gen8 International Scout.  Of course I love this thing because it’s orange, but it checks off so many of my boxes, too, I am excited to give it a look.  

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