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Veleno Designs Quantum D2 Flashlight Review

Breaking out a standard classic for today’s post-Thanksgiving Fun Fund Friday review.  It’s a twisty 10180 light by the well known Steve Ku of Veleno Designs.  This is my second of these, and despite being available for years, they’re still being sold today!

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Acebeam M20 Flashlight Review

In my hands for review today is a small Acebeam AAA light – the M20.  It’s a twisty with good knurling and easy operation; read on for testing!

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Folomov EDC C2 Flashlight Review

The Folomov C2 is a tiny light, almost like a shrunken Olight S1 Mini, with a 14300 liion cell.  It’s a nice little package; read on for more testing and thoughts!

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RovyVon A3x Flashlight Review

RovyVon has released an update to their very popular Aurora A2/A3 series of lights.  RovyVon sent over an updated A3 light – the A3x.  This is as much a new light as it is an update, but addresses issues raised from the initial release.  Have a look, and see if the improvements are compelling!

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Wuben TO50R HC Flashlight Review

This is the Wuben TO50R, which started on BLF as “The Flashlight.”  It claimed at the time 2500 lumens (bumped to 2800 now), high CRI, on-board charging, a cell included, and can be used as a powerbank, too.  

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Acebeam H50 Headlamp Review

Acebeam has dropped a new headlamp in the form of a three emitter 18650 light with USB-C charging.  It’s a nice looking device with three emitter options.  Read on for more thoughts and testing!

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Veteran’s Day [Giveaway]: As a thank you to veterans, here’s a giveaway!! Enter to win a Wowtac A2S.

I’m hosting a giveaway over on reddit – that’s where it all started for me, and my main userbase too.  So what better place.

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Wowtac A2S Headlamp Review

Wowtac makes some solid, inexpensive lights, and they’ve updated their A2 headlamp.  Wowtac has released the A2S, which almost doubles the output across all modes, increases throw, but retains the nice form factor of the headlamp.  Read on for full testing of the Wowtac A2S!

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Fenix HM65R Headlamp Review

An 18650 headlamp!  This could be a good category, mainly falling to whether the light is well balanced against it’s head straps.  This one is, and works great.  It has dual emitters and USB-C charging, which is a nice bonus.  It’s the Fenix HM65R – read on for more thoughts and testing!

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Convoy S12 Flashlight Review

Another Convoy!  Like I said, I’d love to review all the Convoy lights but that’s quite a task.  In any case, here’s the S12, a new 21700 light, with some pleasant eggy SST-20 emitters.  Read on!

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