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Armytek Wizard Pro Nichia Warm Headlamp Testing

Armytek has made an official Wizard Pro with Nichia 144A.  It’s aptly named the Wizard Pro Nichia Warm, and here is my testing of it!

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Lumintop EDC18 Flashlight Review

Lumintop had great success with the FW series, and expanded it greatly.  They also went a different directly – a more standard light but with an e-switch on the side.  That’s the EDC18, and here’s my testing of it!

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MecArmy GP1 Fidget Spinner Review

I once saw MecArmy as a flashlight company.  The more I see their Facebook and Instagram posts, the more I realize they’re actually a gadget company.  That’s certainly the case with the item I have in my hand today – the MecArmy GP1 fidget spinner.  Appointed with anodized titanium, and very fidgety….  Read on for some thoughts and pics!

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Wowtac A6 Flashlight Review

Wowtac has an interesting new 18650 light out.  It’s a shorty, with a short reflector and a Luminus SST-40.  It boasts on-board charging too, and includes a cell in the package.  Read on for some testing!

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Custom ReyLight Gemini with Crescendo UI Flashlight Review

My Fun Fund Friday review for today is of a light I couldn’t not own.  It’s an orange coated ReyLight called the Gemini.  Now, this particular copy that I purchased myself, is from the secondary market, and the UI has been swapped entirely for something custom.  So I’m mainly showing my evaluation of the physical light itself and I’ll probably also comment some on the UI, which is ToyKeeper’s Crescendo.  Hope that type post interests you, and please read on!

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Acebeam K75 Flashlight Review

Going Gear, the great store in Georgia sent me a light I’ve been itching to get my hands on…  The Acebeam K75 – I’m sure you’ve heard of it, or if you’ve looked out your door at night you’ve probably seen me shining mine up into the air.  This is a 18650×4 dedicated thrower with a Luminus SBT-90 Gen2, an uncommon emitter.  Read on for some thoughts and testing!

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Wowtac A1S Flashlight Review

Wowtac sent this new A1S for review.  It’s a Cree XP-L HD dual switch light, most notable for it’s low price.  To wit, it’s not breaking new ground, but it’s inexpensive!  Read on for testing!

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