Civivi knives seem to be all the rage lately (at least, that’s all that’s hitting my radar!).  I couldn’t resist this orange G10 version, and I love a flipper.  So I grabbed this one, and thought some photos were in order.  It’s not a new knife to the market, but I’ve only just gotten one.

Official Specs

Here’s a link to the official specs.


Prices on the Elementum start at around $50.  There are a bunch of versions on amazon (referral link!), including the “nicest” model, which has carbon fiber scales and a damascus blade!  This might be the most expensive version, and even it is under $90!!


There are so many versions!  This is the G10 Orange scale version, with D2 steel.

There are wood scales, carbon fiber scales, g10 scales, translucent scales….  Some of those have CPM S35VN instead of D2 steel.  And some have a Stonewashed and Black Stonewashed blade. There’s even a Damascus blade option!

Short Review

I love a good flipper.  And this is a good flipper.  It’s a bigger knife than I like, but I knew the size going in – if there was a 2.5″ version of this knife, I’d probably buy all of them.

Long Review

Package and manual

The Elementum ships in this zipper pouch with a very soft lining.  For a $50 knife, this is a fantastic package (the kind of package expensive flashlight makers could learn a thing or two from!)

I checked this awesome little zipper package, and my Hanko Trident fits in there perfectly.  (hint hint).

All in all the package for this knife, and presentation, is wonderful.

What’s Included

  • Civivi Elementum Knife (Orange G10 here)
  • Civivi branded zipper pouch
  • Civivi cleaning cloth
  • Civivi stickers (2) (see both below)
  • Manual


It’s an orange knife.  Of course I’m going to love it.  The knife has great lines, too.  Nothing egregious, everything well contained in the package; nothing extra.

Open, the knife is quite businessy too.  There’s very minimal branding (simply just the pivot screw with the “C” of Civivi as logo!).  The blade has nothing extra.

Open / Close / Lock

This knife is a flipper.  A flipper with a liner lock.

The flipping action is superb.  With minimal effort, and from many hand positions, this knife will jolt open.

This stud (seen below) sticks out all the time (of course) but I haven’t found it to ever get in the way at all.  One could argue that it breaks up the line of the back side of the knife.

Here’s a shot of the liner lock in the “open, locked” position.  My main gripe about this knife is here.  There’s just not much in the way of relief to unlock this knife.  You are extremely unlikely to do it accidentally.  You might even require some practice to unlock it reliably.  The texture that you can see there is very smooth, despite being … “jimpy.”  If those were angled, or the push-side was tall and faded off for grip – all of that would work.

I suppose this is an aesthetic thing – the liner lock doesn’t extend past the non-locking side.  They’re the same height.  So it looks great.  But functionally, this is a place for improvement.

There is no hole or thumb nick or any other option to open this knife.  That makes the action vitally important.  On mine, it’s perfect out of the box.  If you wish to adjust it, you’ll need a T8 Torx driver.

Build and Feel

In hand, the G10 scales are great.  I have had other G10 knives that just ate my pockets up.  This one does not.  The scales are flat, with minimal (but noticeable) pattern.  So they are not the least bit “bitey” – and also, the edges are very nicely rounded.

My blade is nearly perfectly centered – (in fact it looks less centered in the photo below than it looks in person).

The lack of branding on this knife is a bit surprising.  In my opinion, the Civivi logo on the pivot screw is upside down.  The knife will not rest naturally in the position seen below.  But it rests easily the other way – with the flip stud down.  Maybe Civivi sees the “natural position” of this knife as open (where it will be stable sitting with the logo oriented correctly).

The scales are held in place with T9 Torx screws.  I didn’t remove the scales – I have a history of wrecking knives when I disassemble them and so I don’t wish to do that here.



The official dimensions are as follows:

Overall Length: 6.99″ / 177.6mm
Blade Length: 2.96″ / 75.2mm
Closed Length: 4.03″ / 102.4mm
Blade Thickness: 0.12″ / 3mm
Handle Thickness: 0.43″ / 11mm
Weight: 2.89oz / 82g

Like I said before, if this knife was just a little smaller, I’d own so many.  A 2.9″ blade is basically perfect for EDC and yes, I love it for that.  But for what I do most (which is not hard-use), smaller would be better.

Steel / Cut / Oats

The steel on this Elementum is D2.  The blade has a hollow grind, and a satin finish.

There are other steels including at least CPM S35VN, and damascus.  There are a variety of blade finishes available, too.

If you’re keeping score, that’s a drop point blade.  It’s quite robust.  The spine has the edges knocked off, (maybe a 45 degree angle) so this knife won’t work as a striker.

The blade interestingly has no markings, including no maker stamp or steel stamp.


The Elementum ships with a pocket clip installed.  It’s an interesting clip.  It allows great deep carry, and is held in place with two T6 Torx screws.  If you’re keeping score, yes, that’s the third size of Torx used on this knife.  I’d rather just one used, but maybe the logic is that you wouldn’t want to mess with the pivot screw accidentally, or whatever.  Anyway, one screw size for me, please.

The clip is removable, and there is no indention or cutout in the G10 – just two screw holes.  They screws are quite tight, and appear to be extra secured by blue Loctite®.

The clip can only go in one place, which allows (or forces) tip-up carry.


All in all, I love this knife.  I am on the lookout for at least one other version (brass scales!), and the translucent (“Jade”) is really calling my name too.  For the price I think it’s hard to beat!


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4 thoughts on “Civivi Elementum C907R G10 in Orange Knife Review”

    1. Good find! Unfortunately that knife is much less appealing to me, for aesthetic reasons.

      But this positively means Civivi can make a good smaller flipper. 🙂

    1. Hey thanks for the comment. I just checked again and to me T9 still feels like a better fit. T8 is very sloppy. But if someone needs to adjust these screws on their Elementum, they’ll know to start with T8 or T9, and they can go from there.


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