Hi!  I’m ZeroAir.  I’ve been reviewing things for a while on reddit.com/r/flashlight, and recently branched out.  With that branch, and more importantly so I can catalog, group, and more easily link things, I started this site.

I primarily review things that interest me, a guy really into flashlights, watches, chargers, and mechanical keyboards.  I would love to get into reviewing watches, particularly G-Shocks, so if you know someone….. 🙂

I didn’t bounce my content out of reddit because of some self-inflated ego about my reviews.  I just enjoy the cataloging – in a place I control and can backup – and the formatting here is very nice and easy, too!  I started on wordpress.com, and ultimately moved to this new happy home.

If you are interested in sending an item for review, shoot me a message!