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Brinyte PT28 Oathkeeper Flashlight Review

Today I have my first of two Brinyte flashlights.  My first ever from this brand.  This is their tactical offering, and it’s pretty well featured.  It’s an 18650 with magnetic charging and a tactical ring and on and on.  Read on for more!

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XTAR MC4S Charger Review

Here’s my most recent XTAR item – a 4 bay charger powered by USB-C.  It’s a very simple charger, so this probably won’t be a very long review.  Read on!

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Nitecore TM9K Flashlight Review

Nitecore has long has a “Tiny Monster” line of lights.  I haven’t handled a bunch of them but today I have the new TM9K, which boasts a brief 9500 lumen output, a built in cell, and on-board USB-C charging.  Looks like a pretty neat light!  Read on for some testing!

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XTAR PB2C Charger / Powerbank Review

There’s a new version of the convenient XTAR powerbank/charger.  It’s the PB2C, and adds USB-C charging.  Also relevant is what it takes away – cost.  This one is inexpensive!

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Klarus HR1 Headlamp Review

Another Klarus, and this time a headlamp.  This is a neat little thing, with a few battery options, and a few emitters.  Read on for some testing!

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JETBeam HR10 Headlamp Review

JETBeam has a new headlamp available – the HR10.  It’s a complete package (cell included) and has built-in, USB-C charging, and an indicating switch!  Read on for more testing of this full featured headlamp.

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Vapcell S4 Plus Charger Review

I’ve tested a bunch of Vapcell cells, but I think this is the first charger.  Also it’s been a long time since I tested a charger and so I ended up not testing this one in a timely manner.  This is my last remaining 2019 review item.  Sorry Vapcell and thanks for being patient!  Also I’m stating up front that my charger reviews are likely going to get scaled back.  In this case I’m basically testing the main feature, which is the ability to charge 4 bays at 3A each!!

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Acebeam EC35 II Flashlight Review

Here’s a new and special Acebeam.  New because it’s a Gen II of the EC35, and special because it’s a version only available at!  Read on to see what makes it special.

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Convoy 4X18A Flashlight Review

Convoy released a big light!  A 4-cell can (ish) style light capable of big output while retaining the ability to throw quite a bit.  It’s an interesting light, and adds the feature of USB-C charging!

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Fenix HT18 Flashlight Review

Fenix has out a new thrower, in the 21700 format.  It’s a dual switch light, includes the cell, and that cell has USB-C charging!  Read on for some testing!

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Imalent LD10 Flashlight Review

Imalent, maker of one of my favorite lights (the DX80) recently sent me this new LD10 light, which has one of my favorite emitters (Cree XP-L HI).  It’s a neat little light, but let’s test it out, shall we?

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Wowtac A7 Flashlight Review

Wowtac has released another 18650 light.  This time it’s a dual switch Cree XP-L HI light, with an indicating switch and on-board (micro-USB) charging.  Read on for some testing!

If you haven’t checked out Wowtac, you definitely should! 

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Nitecore TUBE 2.0 Keychain Flashlight Review

Here’s a version 2 light by Nitecore, where I have surprisingly never reviewed the first version.  It’s the TUBE2.0; a slim keychain light, with a bare 5mm emitter and ramping.  Read on for some testing!

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RovyVon A29 Brass Flashlight Review

Another RovyVon!  This time it’s the brass version, and one I bought for myself.  That’s a testament to the other two from this series I’ve reviewed – the A23 and A28 – I liked them enough to put my own money into a version.  The A29, brass of course.  

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RovyVon A28 Flashlight Review

I find no better way to start 2020 than with a post about a RovyVon light.  RovyVon was huge for me in 2019, and I have this post and more upcoming from them.  This is the A28, a clear body light which has two secondary emitters – red and UV.

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Convoy M4U Flashlight Testing

Convoy has released a new 26650 light.  It’s a medium thrower, but with the addition of built-in charging and a side mechanical switch.  Looks pretty solid on paper; read on to see how it tests!

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XTAR VC8 8-bay USB-C Charger Preview

XTAR has a nice new EIGHT BAY charger available, and it’s powered by USB-C.  Those are both fairly unusual features.  Also the charger is inexpensive, so it’s definitely worth consideration.  

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Thrunite TH01 Headlamp Testing

Thrunite has a new headlamp on the scene.  It’s one they tout as “the brightest headlamp with a single 18350 battery.”  This is the Thrunite TH01, and here’s some testing and thoughts about it!

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Wowtac A4 V2 Flashlight Review

Wowtac has been bringing the hits lately, and most importantly, at a nice price.  Today I have a version 2 of the A4 – really it’s practically a different light.  This one’s a single cell (26650) and smaller head.  Maybe a scaled down version of the original A4?  Anyway, read on for thoughts and testing!

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RovyVon A3x Flashlight Review

RovyVon has released an update to their very popular Aurora A2/A3 series of lights.  RovyVon sent over an updated A3 light – the A3x.  This is as much a new light as it is an update, but addresses issues raised from the initial release.  Have a look, and see if the improvements are compelling!

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