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Malkoff M61 P60 Dropin with Cree XP-G2 (CW) Review

After my Surefire G2 review, I talked to Gene Malkoff about sending some LED replacements.  He agreed and sent the M61L, which is suited for the…

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Malkoff M61L P60 Dropin with Cree XP-G2 (CW) Review

After my Surefire G2 review, I talked to Gene Malkoff about sending some LED replacements.  He agreed and sent the M61L, which is suited for the nitrolon body of the Surefire.  He also threw in the package the big brother of the M61L, the M61, which is similar aside from the “L” – where “L” stands for “low output.”

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Sofirn SP33 v2 Flashlight Review

Another Sofirn light!  This is one there are already many reviews of, but I still hope you’ll find my thoughts (and more likely, data) on the light to be useful.  It’s a XHP50.2, 26650 light – a fairly uncomplicated light.

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Doogee X70 Cell Phone Review

Every once in a while someone asks to send an item that I’m very interested in, but ultimately have no real idea how to properly review.  Such is the case with this review item.  I’m excited to have it, have enjoyed using it, but generally I don’t know how to test it.  So this is a review/preview with mostly personal impressions of the Doogee X70.

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FocusWorks Eryx F1 Flashlight Review

Today I have a special light.  This is another “new to the flashlight market but skilled in other stuff” flashlight.  And it’s unusual.  Titanium and copper mix, and it’s a reflector light.  It’s not a run-of-the-mill triple, as so many customs* are these days.  I’m excited to have this one in my hands, and I hope if nothing else, the glut of photos I’ve included here tell you the story of this light!

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Malkoff MDC HA 1CR123 Flashlight Review

Today I have for review the second in my collection of Malkoff lights.  This is the MDC HA 1CR123 (that’s the full product name).  It’s a hard anodized (HA), single CR123 (1CR123) light, with three modes. 

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Emisar D4s Flashlight Review

Preface I’ve had a bunch of Emisar lights. I like them, in general. When this D4S came out and had awesome orange secondary emitters, I…

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Acebeam H40 Headlamp Review

Acebeam has a hot new little headlamp out!  It’s a High CRI model, and can work with AA sized cells.  Acebeam makes good stuff; read on to find out if this headlamp is too!

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Eagtac SX30C2 Flashlight Review

Here’s my second Eagtac light, the SX30C2.  This is a throwier version of the Eactac I just reviewed, the TX30C2.  The specs and such are otherwise pretty much the same!  As a result, much of the review will be carry over, too.

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Sofirn C01 Single Mode, Yuji High CRI, AAA Flashlight Review

BLF has conspired yet again to design a light that it’s impossible to not want.  This time it’s a tiny AAA light, made by Sofirn, with a Yuji emitter, and very high CRI.  The single mode is very low output, but with very long runtimes, and two temperatures available.    It’s also very inexpensive!  

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