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Nightwatch NSX4 Flashlight Review

In my hands for review today is another light from Neal at  I’m not sure if this is a Neal house brand or what but I don’t see the Nightwatch brand many other places.  This is the Nightwatch NSX4, a four emitter light which accepts a very unusual cell size: 26800.  These are available from Neal with a special charger that supports this larger size.  Read on for testing and thoughts!

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Weltool W4 “Dragon in Clouds” LEP Flashlight Review

I finally got a LEP!  This is the Weltool W4 and it’s a fantastic option in the LEP field…  LEP (Laser Excited Phosphor) lights are just pencil thin beam massive throwers – limited output (this one’s around 560 lumens) but throws a massive claimed 2.6km!!!  I’m super pleased to be able to present this review for you and thanks to Weltool and for sending this one over for review!

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Brinyte PT18 Pro Flashlight Review

Today I have in the Pro version of a light many people already reviewed.  This is the Brinyte PT18 Pro, an 18650 light with a Cree XHP35 HD, designed for long weapon use.  I have a few optional accessories, which you’ll see below.

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Acebeam E10 Osram (White) Flashlight Review

Today I have in my hands a little light from Acebeam that packs quite a throwy punch!  The E10 is a 26350 cell dedicated thrower, and quite a little thrower it is.  Read on for some testing and thoughts.

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Brinyte WT01 Apollo Flashlight Review

My second (and last on-hand) Brinyte flashlight.  This one’s kind of interesting, since it features wireless charging and is a complete package light.  The wireless charging is a neat feature – when power is cut to the charge base, the light comes on automatically!  Read on for more thoughts about that, and testing!

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Malkoff E2XT Flashlight (Head) Review

Malkoff recently released a couple of throw heads.  The two are similar, and I got the E2XT.  It’s a very throwy head and has a nice wide voltage range.  Read on for more.

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Convoy 4X18A Flashlight Review

Convoy released a big light!  A 4-cell can (ish) style light capable of big output while retaining the ability to throw quite a bit.  It’s an interesting light, and adds the feature of USB-C charging!

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Imalent LD10 Flashlight Review

Imalent, maker of one of my favorite lights (the DX80) recently sent me this new LD10 light, which has one of my favorite emitters (Cree XP-L HI).  It’s a neat little light, but let’s test it out, shall we?

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Deadwood Huckleberry Topo Flashlight Review

It’s not often that a single emitter (with reflector) light comes available in what we’ll generically call the “custom” market, but when Grant Spitz of Deadwood Custom Works announced the aluminum version of his popular Huckleberry he threw out the option of a 219b single.  I jumped on that.  This is a “full review” but at the same time there are some caveats, due to H17f and programming and… I’ll get into that later.  Read on!

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Convoy M4U Flashlight Testing

Convoy has released a new 26650 light.  It’s a medium thrower, but with the addition of built-in charging and a side mechanical switch.  Looks pretty solid on paper; read on to see how it tests!

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