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Why Accept Donations?

One of the goals I have is to review All The Lights™.  Unfortunately buying all the lights is expensive!  I write two series on this site that I fund completely by myself:  How Do I… and Fun Fund Friday reviews.  Both of those cover content that has proven popular among my readers, and are some of my favorite posts to write.  Donations would directly help make those post more frequent and better.

But there’s a lot of stuff that goes along with running a site like this that isn’t covered by those two categories.  For one, hosting isn’t cheap!  For another, feeding all these lights with cells can get very expensive.

This page is dedicated to those who wish to help.  It’s not a requirement, and there no expectation that you should donate.  But if you would like to, I would like to provide you with the opportunity!

How Can You Donate?

Simply click here, through to PayPal!  I made a few options with some thoughts in mind:

  • No one dollar donation level because that’s practically a donation to PayPal (a la PayPal fees) and not this site (but you can manually enter that if you wish!)
  • Six dollars just about covers a single 18650 like the Sony/Murata VTC6 (I still rely on these VTC5D‘s).  Truth is it’s the more unusual cells I need more of – Good AA’s, 10440’s, 26650’s.
  • There’s a “Fun Fund Friday” tier, too.  Sometimes $100 would completely cover the review item.  Sometimes that level of much-appreciate support would go toward a review item.  You can always contact me to follow up with thoughts or ideas!
  • The first and last option both allow setting up a recurring donation, too.

Want to Help, Can’t Donate?

I feel you there!  One great option for helping this site without using the donate button is to share the links!  Comment on posts!  Click through the advertisements!  Subscribe via email you never miss any posts!  You can even tell manufacturers that you wish they’d send lights to for review – they need to hear it!

The Future

The PayPal donate option will likely continue.  I might add some other options in the near future.  I am consulting to include tiers of service, so that readers who donate regularly are able to access specialized or personalize content, or…. it remains to be seen!  Feel free to include ideas with your donation!  I read all of it!

Thank You!

You might progress from here and leave me a big ol’ fat donation.  Thank you for valuing my time and content enough to donate!

You may leave here without donating and continue reading reviews on my site free of charge.  No worries!  Thank you for reading!

Either way, stay a while!  I enjoy the interaction, and hope you’ll all leave comments and likes and shares!