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Rofis TC1 Keychain Flashlight Review

I have a fairly long history of liking lights by Rofis.  [Here are some other reviews.]  This is a new little light by Rofis, which uses a built in 10180 cell, has on-board charging, and a very unusual switch.  It looks like it might be something else but ultimately it’s just a capacitive switch.  Read on for more thoughts and info!

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Ultratac K18 Mini Brass Keychain Flashlight Review

I, like everyone else, recently reviewed the Ultratac A1.  When I agreed to that one, I also asked for this light, the Ultratac K18 Mini Brass.  Mike at Ultratac agreed, and here’s my review of this tiny little light!

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DQG Fairy Flashlight Review

After an ongoing discussion here about the smallest 18650 light available, I talked Kathy at GearBest into sending one of those DQG Tiny 18650 lights. At the same time, she included the DQG Fairy. I’ve reviewed a similar light before – the CooYoo Quantum. These are fun little lights, but let’s put it through some paces to see how it looks.

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CooYoo Quantum CY in Brass Flashlight Review

Another review light from GearBest! This time it’s the CooYoo Quantum CY Mini – mine is brass. I have had a few small lights, and it’s interesting to see how this one stacks up. (Actually small lights is all I have now, save for one!)

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