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Okluma DC0 Titanium Flashlight Review

This light is absolutely all the rage in the flashlight world right now, and I have been wanting to get my hands on one for testing (and because honestly it looks fantastic.)  This is the Okluma DC0, a titanium 14500 light with a Nichia emitter.  Read on for photos, testing, and thoughts!

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Lumintop Tool AA2.0 Ti Flashlight Review

Lumintop is now offering an updated version of the ever-popular Tool AA light – the 2.0 version is made of titanium, and offers some neat features!  Read on!

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Thrunite T10T V2 CutleryLover Flashlight Review

The Thrunite T10T has been a popular light if for nothing else than just as a good conversation piece.  It’s a titanium AA/14500 light with a side e-switch.  Youtube personality cutlerylover worked with Thrunite to make a titanium version of the venerable T10 v2, and thus we have this T10T V2 cutlerylover.  Read on for thoughts and testing!

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Skilhunt M150 Flashlight Review

I have a long history of enjoying Skilhunt lights.  In particular the UI but I also loved so many of the iterations of the H03…  This is a new 14500 light which boasts on-board charging, includes a cell, and also works with NiMH.  Read on for more testing!

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Vapcell INR14500 Lithium Ion Cell Review

Today’s the last of my Vapcell liion cell reviews!  Well technically I have an IFR review coming up, which is also liion but not really something we’ll all use much.  

This is an INR 14500 button top, with 650mAh capacity.  Read on for testing!

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Lumintop EDC05C Flashlight Review

Neal over at NealsGadgets sent a new Lumintop my way. It’s an update to the EDC05… Quite an update too, because this one adds some…

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Maglight MicroMag (kyfishguy) Flashlight Review

Another Friday!  Another Fun Fund Friday!  Today I have in my hands a light I bought for myself…. Nostalgia, new emitters,…  plenty of reasons.  But ultimately it came down to someone (u/tebeve, on reddit) lending me his copy of this light, and me realizing I really wanted to have one of my own.  This is a MagLite Micromag, which has been modified by kyfishguy on BLF.  The mods are extensive!  Read on to see about them, and this light.

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Lumintop GT Micro Flashlight Review

The BLF GT has become a whole product line for Lumintop.  I’ve reviewed a couple already (the BLF GT, and the GT Mini).  Here’s the newest iteration, the GT Micro, a 14500 light – basically a very small thrower!  Read on to see how it tests.

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Reylight Pineapple (Updated) Flashlight Review

Banggood asked if there was anything I’d like to review.  I have been interested to see what Rey has done with the newer Pineapples, and so they sent the Pineapple Update.  I reviewed the original Pineapple.  I liked the original Pineapple!  Let’s see how this one’s improved!

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Acebeam H40 Headlamp Review

Acebeam has a hot new little headlamp out!  It’s a High CRI model, and can work with AA sized cells.  Acebeam makes good stuff; read on to find out if this headlamp is too!

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