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Brinyte WT01 Apollo Flashlight Review

My second (and last on-hand) Brinyte flashlight.  This one’s kind of interesting, since it features wireless charging and is a complete package light.  The wireless charging is a neat feature – when power is cut to the charge base, the light comes on automatically!  Read on for more thoughts about that, and testing!

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XTAR MC4S Charger Review

Here’s my most recent XTAR item – a 4 bay charger powered by USB-C.  It’s a very simple charger, so this probably won’t be a very long review.  Read on!

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Vapcell S4 Plus Charger Review

I’ve tested a bunch of Vapcell cells, but I think this is the first charger.  Also it’s been a long time since I tested a charger and so I ended up not testing this one in a timely manner.  This is my last remaining 2019 review item.  Sorry Vapcell and thanks for being patient!  Also I’m stating up front that my charger reviews are likely going to get scaled back.  In this case I’m basically testing the main feature, which is the ability to charge 4 bays at 3A each!!

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Convoy M4U Flashlight Testing

Convoy has released a new 26650 light.  It’s a medium thrower, but with the addition of built-in charging and a side mechanical switch.  Looks pretty solid on paper; read on to see how it tests!

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XTAR VC8 8-bay USB-C Charger Preview

XTAR has a nice new EIGHT BAY charger available, and it’s powered by USB-C.  Those are both fairly unusual features.  Also the charger is inexpensive, so it’s definitely worth consideration.  

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Wowtac A4 V2 Flashlight Review

Wowtac has been bringing the hits lately, and most importantly, at a nice price.  Today I have a version 2 of the A4 – really it’s practically a different light.  This one’s a single cell (26650) and smaller head.  Maybe a scaled down version of the original A4?  Anyway, read on for thoughts and testing!

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Wowtac A5 Flashlight Review

Wowtac has a new wall-of-light in a 26650 format light.  Wowtac has made some other great lights, with “technical support by Thrunite.”  Here’s my review of the Wowtac A5!

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Vapcell IFR26650 2600mAh 55A Lithium Ion Cell Review

This is the last in my bunch of Vapcells.  I’ve held it til now because it’s a mix of most and least interesting….  First off…

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Adeaska VC4 Plus Charger Review

Here’s a random charger that BangGood dropped in the latest package to me.  I didn’t know anything about it but it claims pretty fast charging over all 4 bays, so let’s see how it work!

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Astrolux FT03 Cree XHP50.2 Flashlight Review

I reviewed the FT03 a while back, but that was the SST40 flavor.  BangGood wanted a review of the XHP50.2 version as well, so they sent this one over for review.  The light is fundamentally the same, but with quite a different emitter.  Read on for more!  Or just hit up the table to see some differences.

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