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XTAR BC4 Charger Preview

I have thad this BC4 charger from XTAR for a while now and I’ve not figured out a good way to test it.  I’ve used it here and there and I have an opinion about it, but all without any graphs.  If you’re interested in that, read on!

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XTAR MC4S Charger Review

Here’s my most recent XTAR item – a 4 bay charger powered by USB-C.  It’s a very simple charger, so this probably won’t be a very long review.  Read on!

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Vapcell S4 Plus Charger Review

I’ve tested a bunch of Vapcell cells, but I think this is the first charger.  Also it’s been a long time since I tested a charger and so I ended up not testing this one in a timely manner.  This is my last remaining 2019 review item.  Sorry Vapcell and thanks for being patient!  Also I’m stating up front that my charger reviews are likely going to get scaled back.  In this case I’m basically testing the main feature, which is the ability to charge 4 bays at 3A each!!

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Nitecore F4 Powerbank/Charger Review

I heard about this new Nitecore powerbank/charger a while back, and finally have one in my hands.  Well not right now; I’m typing right now.  Who can hold a powerbank and type at the same time?  

Anyway, I wanted to give this one a test, and the nice people over at Illumn sent this one for me to play around with.  Read on for some thoughts!

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Adeaska VC4 Plus Charger Review

Here’s a random charger that BangGood dropped in the latest package to me.  I didn’t know anything about it but it claims pretty fast charging over all 4 bays, so let’s see how it work!

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XTAR VP4C 4-Bay Charger Review

Today I have in for review the XTAR VP4C, a nice little 4-bay charger, for li-ion cells only.

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Nitecore UMS2 and UMS4 Charger Review

My first “real” cell charger was a Nitecore D4.  Nitecore came close to replacing it a while back with the SC4, but they’ve certainly done it with these new two chargers – the USM2 and USM4.  These chargers (most importantly?) fit 21700 cells, among other awesome features.  Read on!

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XTAR D2 and D4 Charger Review

XTAR makes some great products, and have a massive line of chargers.  Here are two new chargers, the D2 and D4.  Very similar chargers, except one’s a 2-bay, and one’s a 4-bay.  I think they could make great basic fast chargers, but I’m glad to test them to find out!

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XTAR Dragon VP4 Plus Analyzing Charger Review

Along with the XTAR PB2 I recently reviewed, XTAR sent the Dragon VP4 Plus 4 bay 2A charger.  This is an interesting charger, with some unusual features, and I’m glad to give it a test, too!

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Liitokala Lii-402 Charger Review

I’ve reviewed a Liitokala charger before (the Lii-500).  I liked that one, so I was excited to get the Lii-402, a simpler 4-bay charger by Liitokala.  Read on for my thoughts and experiences!

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