fireflylite e01 luminus sst-40 21700 on side main pic
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FireFlyLite E01 Luminus SST-40 21700 Flashlight Review

There’s a new US based seller of FireFly lights.  This is a big change, since they’ll be handling warranty work too.  Along with this change comes a change in name of the FireFly brand – it’s now FireFlyLite.  They set an E01, and based on some news I’ve handled over at, they have some very interesting lights upcoming!  Read on for a review of the E01 they sent to me.

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MechForce Mechtorch Gen2 Flashlight Review

MechForce has updated their extremely popular MechTorch.  The light is still a Nichia 219c titanium triple emitter flashlight with Dr. Jones h17f, but some important changes have been made!  Read on to see what the light looks like now.

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Nitecore UT32 Headlamp Review

Nitecore has released a new headlamp, which incorporates some now-common features in unusual ways.  It’s a dual emitter headlamp, with one CW and one WW emitter.  Read on for how it works, and some testing!

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