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RovyVon E200s Angel Eyes Flashlight Review

RovyVon has a new rectangular light out.  It first came out with side UV-C, which wasn’t interesting at all, but now the side lights are NW Cree XP-G3.  So RovyVon sent this one over for review and testing.  Read on for photos and thoughts!

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Klarus E1 Flashlight Review

Here’s a Klarus light with a dual switch (including one paddle switch) and a 18650 cell with charging.  A pretty neat little 18650 light.  Read on for some testing!

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Convoy T2 Flashlight Review

Convoy has added a small AA light to their lineup.  It’s a small version of the Convoy S2+, and called the T2.  It’s literally a shrunken S2+, which is fantastic, but lacks Li-ion support.  Read on for more!

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