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Imalent RT70 Flashlight Review

In for review today is another Imalent, in the style of other Imalent’s I’ve had before (RT35, for example).  The RT70 differs from the RT35 though, because while the RT35 was a thrower, the RT70 is much more of a mix/wall-of-light type light.  The Cree XHP70 makes that happen.  Read on for more!

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Imalent RT35 Flashlight Review

Imalent has impressed me with some of their lights (Hello: DX80) and less so with others (the capacitive switch lights).  So I was excited when I saw this light get listed on FastTech, and FastTech agreed to send one out for review.  This is a very new light, and I’m very excited to have one for testing!

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Imalent DX80 Flashlight Review

I’ve liked Imalent lights lately, and they seem to be getting better and better.  I finally swindled someone out of this big beast, and here are my photos and thoughts!  

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Imalent DT70 Flashlight Review

After having liked the DN70 so much, I reached out to GearBest to try to get the DT70.  In fact users on reddit were interested too….  GearBest came through, and here’s the review of the Imalent DT70!  It’s a lot like the DN70, but has four times the emitters, and four times the cells!!

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Imalent DN70 Flashlight Review

I’ve had mixed results with Imalent – I reviewed a capacitive switch light of theirs a while back that I really didn’t care for.  I think they’ve improved it with this light, so I’m excited to put this Imalent DN70 through it’s paces.  

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Imalent DN12 Stepless Dimming Flashlight Review

I received this Imalent DN12 from GearBest for review. It’s certainly an interesting light, and one that I have played with quite a bit! Thanks to GearBest for sending it.

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