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JETBeam HR10 Headlamp Review

JETBeam has a new headlamp available – the HR10.  It’s a complete package (cell included) and has built-in, USB-C charging, and an indicating switch!  Read on for more testing of this full featured headlamp.

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JETBeam JET-RRT01 Flashlight Review

The new hottest light on the market seems to be the JETBeam RRT01.  It’s a rotary light!!  That’s very unusual, and I’m very pleased that JETBeam revisited this light, which has been discontinued for a long while.  Read on to see what makes it special, and if it really stands out!

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JETBeam RRT2 Tactical Flashlight Review

JETBeam has out a tactical light with a novel switch.  The light overall is a fairly simple one, but the switch is something new.  It’s a sort of a ‘knock’ switch – lean the tail switch in any direction to change the modes.  Is it good?  Well read on and see!

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JETBeam BR10 GT Bicycle Flashlight Review

When I saw this light, I immediately knew it was one I wanted to see in person.  Knowing it’s made by JETBeam made it even more appealing; I’ve reviewed a bunch of their lights and typically really like them.  I liked this one for it’s shape, to be honest, but as a biker it’s nice to have a dedicated light made by a reputable company.  

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JETBeam JET-E40R Flashlight Review

Another JETBeam with on-board charging!  This time in 18650 format.  I’ve already reviewed the similar AA/14500 light.  I was excited to test this one out, because it’s also got an emitter I’ve never tested!  

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JETBeam T6 Flashlight Review

I’ve gotten a taste for bigger lights and even though this isn’t a new light, I was excited to get it from GearBest.  And I happen to typically like JETBeam lights, too.  So here’s the JETBeam T6!

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JETBeam TH20 Tactical Flashlight Review

I have a long list of JETBeams that I’m fairly fond of…. I think JETBeam makes a great product, and even some specialty lights that are among my favorite (JETBeam Jet-II Pro in titanium!).  Here’s a much more tactical, bigger, and huge output 18650 light from JETBeam, with the Cree XHP70.2!

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JETBeam E10R Flashlight Review

I was pretty excited to get this light – it’s one I asked to review specifically.  How many lights with built in charging can charge Li-ion and NiMH as well?  I don’t know but here’s at least one.  So I was interested to test it, and test it I did!

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JETBeam Jet-UV Flashlight Review

Finally a UV light that doesn’t make my brain hurt! I love this little light, and use it often!

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JETBeam Jet-II Mk Flashlight Review

After the Jet-II Pro was such a hit (for me, anyway!), Kathy at GearBest decided to send the Jet-II Mk to compare. These lights are very similar except that one’s a twisty (Mk) and the other is a clicky (Pro). Thanks to GearBest for sending this light, and for allowing the great coupon on the Ti version of the Pro.

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