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XTAR BC4 Charger Preview

I have thad this BC4 charger from XTAR for a while now and I’ve not figured out a good way to test it.  I’ve used it here and there and I have an opinion about it, but all without any graphs.  If you’re interested in that, read on!

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Olight i5T EOS Flashlight Review

Today I have in my hands a light from a brandI haven’t reviewed in a while – Olight!  This is the i5T EOS, an AA tactical two-mode light.  Read on for some testing and thoughts!

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Lumintop Tool AA2.0 Ti Flashlight Review

Lumintop is now offering an updated version of the ever-popular Tool AA light – the 2.0 version is made of titanium, and offers some neat features!  Read on!

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Thrunite T10T V2 CutleryLover Flashlight Review

The Thrunite T10T has been a popular light if for nothing else than just as a good conversation piece.  It’s a titanium AA/14500 light with a side e-switch.  Youtube personality cutlerylover worked with Thrunite to make a titanium version of the venerable T10 v2, and thus we have this T10T V2 cutlerylover.  Read on for thoughts and testing!

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Nanfu Tenavolt Lithium Ion AA Cell Review

The users over at recently got some traffic from the Nanfu guys.  Since I do some cell testing, I agreed to test these Nanfu Tenavolts.  They’re AA sized lithium ion cells, which are bucked down to the more common 1.5V for AA NiMH or alkaline cells.  The claims these make aren’t trivial, so I was interested to test them.  

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Skilhunt M150 Flashlight Review

I have a long history of enjoying Skilhunt lights.  In particular the UI but I also loved so many of the iterations of the H03…  This is a new 14500 light which boasts on-board charging, includes a cell, and also works with NiMH.  Read on for more testing!

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Nitecore LA10 Lantern/Flashlight Review

Today I have in for review another Nitecore, but from an unusual source.  This one’s from Banggood.  This is one of those lipstick lantern style lights, and accepts AA sized cells.

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Lumintop EDC05C Flashlight Review

Neal over at NealsGadgets sent a new Lumintop my way. It’s an update to the EDC05… Quite an update too, because this one adds some…

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Reylight Pineapple (Updated) Flashlight Review

Banggood asked if there was anything I’d like to review.  I have been interested to see what Rey has done with the newer Pineapples, and so they sent the Pineapple Update.  I reviewed the original Pineapple.  I liked the original Pineapple!  Let’s see how this one’s improved!

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Acebeam H40 Headlamp Review

Acebeam has a hot new little headlamp out!  It’s a High CRI model, and can work with AA sized cells.  Acebeam makes good stuff; read on to find out if this headlamp is too!

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