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Lumintop FW 18350 Body Review

This is not really a “flashlight” review – it’s a review of the body tube that shortens the FW series lights from 18650 cell size to 18350 cell size.  So bear that in mind with all the runtimes and most other stuff – a lot of the info just supports the photos, which adequately describe the product.  And it’s a neat on!  Read on!

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Lumintop FW21 Pro Flashlight Review

By this point you probably thought I’d reviewed all the FW series light.  You’d be wrong.  Today I have the FW21 Pro, and there are others in the series I haven’t even ever seen!  The FW21 Pro is a “triple” Cree XHP50.2 emitter light, with a bigger head for better heat-sinking.  Read on for more testing!

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Lumintop FW3C Brass Flashlight Review

Yet another FW series light, yes!  This one’s probably the peak FW body for me, because the brass is spectacular.  Read on for some photos and thoughts!

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Lumintop FW3E Flashlight Review

I have in my hands today something that is pretty interesting!  It’s the Lumintop FW3E, which is an answer to the “inner sleeve issue” that some of the FW series lights have had.  It has no inner sleeve!  Read on for photos and testing.

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Lumintop HL3A Flashlight Review

Here’s a light that is “another in the series” so in many ways this is a review you can already sort of expect.  On the other hand this is the first of the series of FW type lights to be right angle!  This is the HL3A, and I’ve had this review done for a while and waiting on the official product page.  That’s up, so here’s this review!

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Lumintop FW1A Pro Flashlight Review

There was a point where I’d have said the FW series of Lumintop lights was played out (or “overdone.”)  I’d have said the FW1A Pro was unnecessary.  …. A 18650 light with Andúril, a Cree XHP50.2 under a reflector – what’s the point?….   You’ll have to read on to see what I think after having it. 😀  

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Lumintop FW3C Andúril Flashlight Review

A Fun Fund Friday review of a light you all probably already own and have moved past…  The Lumintop FW3C – yes another FW review!  My copy of this light has been in my possession for a while now, so shipped with an early version of Andúril, and the review might not be the most relevant any more.

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Lumintop EDC18 Flashlight Review

Lumintop had great success with the FW series, and expanded it greatly.  They also went a different directly – a more standard light but with an e-switch on the side.  That’s the EDC18, and here’s my testing of it!

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Lumintop FW1A Flashlight Review

Lumintop has been busy expanding on the FW line of lights.  First there was the FW3A, which I reviewed and like a lot.  Then there were some special metal editions (titanium, copper).  Now there’s a longer single emitter version, which I’m reviewing today:  The FW1A.  

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Astrolux EC01 Flashlight Review

There’s a new 21700 light on the block!  It falls into my “wall o’ light” category, since it’s a massive output of 3500 claimed lumens. …

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