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XTAR BC4 Charger Preview

I have thad this BC4 charger from XTAR for a while now and I’ve not figured out a good way to test it.  I’ve used it here and there and I have an opinion about it, but all without any graphs.  If you’re interested in that, read on!

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Nitecore NB10000 Powerbank Review

I have in my hands today the new Nitecore powerbank, which is a lipo pouch cell, allowing a very flat, rectangular (phone like!) size and shape.  It’s also comparatively high capacity, so read on for some thoughts and testing!

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Vapcell S4 Plus Charger Review

I’ve tested a bunch of Vapcell cells, but I think this is the first charger.  Also it’s been a long time since I tested a charger and so I ended up not testing this one in a timely manner.  This is my last remaining 2019 review item.  Sorry Vapcell and thanks for being patient!  Also I’m stating up front that my charger reviews are likely going to get scaled back.  In this case I’m basically testing the main feature, which is the ability to charge 4 bays at 3A each!!

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XTAR VC8 8-bay USB-C Charger Preview

XTAR has a nice new EIGHT BAY charger available, and it’s powered by USB-C.  Those are both fairly unusual features.  Also the charger is inexpensive, so it’s definitely worth consideration.  

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Hobbymate D6 Duo Pro Hobbyist RC Charger Review

I recently got this Hobbymade D6 Duo Pro rc/lipo charger in for testing.  It was an item I asked for specifically, and specifically because I wanted to see something in use that I hadn’t seen anyone use: external discharge.  Hobbymate was kind enough to send this one and I’ve had it for way too long, but finally got my demonstration done.  

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XTAR PB2S Powerbank and Charger Review

XTAR has a new powerbank on the market.  The name is PB2S, and it’s an upgraded PB2.  This one has noteworthy improvements – USB-C and support for bigger cells.  Read on for a bit of testing!

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Nitecore F4 Powerbank/Charger Review

I heard about this new Nitecore powerbank/charger a while back, and finally have one in my hands.  Well not right now; I’m typing right now.  Who can hold a powerbank and type at the same time?  

Anyway, I wanted to give this one a test, and the nice people over at Illumn sent this one for me to play around with.  Read on for some thoughts!

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XTAR MC6C Charger Review

Another XTAR charger!  I’ve bugged XTAR about sending a more-than-4-bay charger for a while, and they have this MC6C out now….  I’ve been playing around with this one for a while, and here are my thoughts!

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Nitecore LR50 Lantern Review

Today I have in for review the new Nitecore LR50 lantern.  It’s an interesting lantern, offering more than just…. lanterning.  It has charging, and can serve as a powerbank, too!

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Nitecore UI1 Charger Review

Nitecore sent me a pre-release copy of their new single bay charger.  This is the Li-ion only UI1.  It’s a simple charger; read on for some photos and a bit of charge testing!

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