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Nitecore TM10K Flashlight Review

Here’s a light I was so excited to get, and one I’m very pleased to have.  It’s quite special – Nitecore’s highest output light at a claimed 10,000 lumens.  I’ve been messing around with it for a while, and here are my tests and thoughts!

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Nitecore MH12GTS Flashlight Review

Another Nitecore enters the mix!  This is a tube light with an indicating switch and on-board charging.  This one adds an interesting thing to the list though: waterproof charge port!  Read on!

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Nitecore Concept 2 Flashlight Review

Nitecore has released a second in their “Concept” series.  This is the Concept 2.  A four cell, four emitter with on-board charging and an indicating switch.  It looks pretty spectacular on paper, especially when it’s noted that this tiny light is Nitecore’s highest output light to date!  Let’s see how it breaks down.

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Nitecore MT42 Flashlight Review

Nitecore has a new offering in their Multi-Task (MT) series.  This time it’s the MT42, a 18650×2 light, with a dual switch interface, and a rated 470m throw.  Here are my measurements and thoughts on the MT42!

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Olight M2T Warrior Flashlight Review

Olight has recently released a new version of the M2R. This is the M2T, which is similar to the M2R, but without on-board charging (and costing much less!).  This light has some noteworthy tactical features, and is a nice iteration of the M2R.  Read on for more!

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Nitecore MH23 Flashlight Review

I’ve long been a fan of the Nitecore MH20/MH20GT format, and Nitecore has a new similar light in the series.  It’s the MH23, and Nitecore sent one over for review.  (And to be completely honest I’m pumped to have it.)

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Zebralight SC63w Flashlight Review

Fasttech sent a message asking if I’d like to review a light for them.  I don’t turn down many lights, so I said sure!  They suggested a few brands and we settled on this Zebralight.  Yes, it’s already been replaced by a newer model, which Fasttech doesn’t carry (yet?).  Nonetheless, the Zebrlaight sc63w is still a great offering, and worth review.

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Nitecore HC33 Headlamp Review

Nitecore sent out another headlamp, this time a single 18650 light.  I happen to really like angle lights, and I’m considerably into 18650 lights as well, so I’m interested to see how this little light performs.  This is the Nitecore HC33.

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Olight M2R Warrior Flashlight Review

Another in a long line of Olight is the Olight M2R.  This one is highly anticipated and regarded, with the momentary and recharging tailcap.  It’s a cool light on paper, so let’s have a closer look.

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Nitecore EC23 Flashlight Review

This Nitecore is new enough that I hadn’t heard of it yet, but sent it over for a review.  It’s a neat little light! 

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