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Fenix LD05 v2 Penlight Review

I have a late-Friday post for you this week!  This is the Fenix LD05 v2, an AAAx2 penlight.  Read on for thoughts and testing!

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YLP Gryphon G180 Flashlight Review

Today I have my second YLP installment.  First was the Unicorn 1.0.  Today is the Gryphon G180, a triple of triples light, powered by three 18650 cells.  Read on for more!

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JETBeam HR10 Headlamp Review

JETBeam has a new headlamp available – the HR10.  It’s a complete package (cell included) and has built-in, USB-C charging, and an indicating switch!  Read on for more testing of this full featured headlamp.

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Klarus E1 Flashlight Review

Here’s a Klarus light with a dual switch (including one paddle switch) and a 18650 cell with charging.  A pretty neat little 18650 light.  Read on for some testing!

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Convoy 4X18A Flashlight Review

Convoy released a big light!  A 4-cell can (ish) style light capable of big output while retaining the ability to throw quite a bit.  It’s an interesting light, and adds the feature of USB-C charging!

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Lumintop FW1A Pro Flashlight Review

There was a point where I’d have said the FW series of Lumintop lights was played out (or “overdone.”)  I’d have said the FW1A Pro was unnecessary.  …. A 18650 light with Andúril, a Cree XHP50.2 under a reflector – what’s the point?….   You’ll have to read on to see what I think after having it. 😀  

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Thrunite TH01 Headlamp Testing

Thrunite has a new headlamp on the scene.  It’s one they tout as “the brightest headlamp with a single 18350 battery.”  This is the Thrunite TH01, and here’s some testing and thoughts about it!

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Wowtac A1S Flashlight Review

Wowtac sent this new A1S for review.  It’s a Cree XP-L HD dual switch light, most notable for it’s low price.  To wit, it’s not breaking new ground, but it’s inexpensive!  Read on for testing!

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Astrolux EC01 Flashlight Review

There’s a new 21700 light on the block!  It falls into my “wall o’ light” category, since it’s a massive output of 3500 claimed lumens. …

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Astrolux FT03 Cree XHP50.2 Flashlight Review

I reviewed the FT03 a while back, but that was the SST40 flavor.  BangGood wanted a review of the XHP50.2 version as well, so they sent this one over for review.  The light is fundamentally the same, but with quite a different emitter.  Read on for more!  Or just hit up the table to see some differences.

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