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Doogee X70 Cell Phone Review

Every once in a while someone asks to send an item that I’m very interested in, but ultimately have no real idea how to properly review.  Such is the case with this review item.  I’m excited to have it, have enjoyed using it, but generally I don’t know how to test it.  So this is a review/preview with mostly personal impressions of the Doogee X70.

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Klarus Mi1C Titanium Flashlight Review

I knew when I reviewed the Klarus Mi1C aspheric that I wanted to review these ‘nicer metal’ versions with the reflector.  FastTech send this titanium version, and I’m pleased to put it through the paces!

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Wuben TO10R Flashlight Review

Another light from Fasttech!  This time it’s a new brand for me; Wuben.  Wuben says on their website that they’ve been in the flashlight market for over 30 years.  They make quite a few lights I hope to eventually get to test, but for now it’s the TO10R, a 16340 triple with on-board charging!

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Imalent RT35 Flashlight Review

Imalent has impressed me with some of their lights (Hello: DX80) and less so with others (the capacitive switch lights).  So I was excited when I saw this light get listed on FastTech, and FastTech agreed to send one out for review.  This is a very new light, and I’m very excited to have one for testing!

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