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Convoy M2 Flashlight Review

Trying to review all the Convoy lights!  That’s a massive task, but still something I’d love to do…. Today I have for review the Convoy M2, a mid range 18650 thrower, with Biscotti firmware.  Read on for more!

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JETBeam RRT2 Tactical Flashlight Review

JETBeam has out a tactical light with a novel switch.  The light overall is a fairly simple one, but the switch is something new.  It’s a sort of a ‘knock’ switch – lean the tail switch in any direction to change the modes.  Is it good?  Well read on and see!

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Rofis MR30 Flashlight Review

I tend to like Rofis lights.  They’re well made, very functional, and more often than not, just neat little lights.  So I was excited when this MR30 showed up in the mail – the MR70 is still my go-to powerbank travel light.  The MR30 is smaller with the same capacity, and loses the side light (which I never really used anyway).  I’m excited to put it to the test!

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Zanflare SB-6039 Solar Tent Light Review

While this is a light, it’s not really a typical flashlight.  And to be honest I’ve had it on a shelf to review for a while and I’m going to put it on the “Tuesday” (aka “not a flashlight”) review day.  So here are my thoughts on this little solar powered hanging light, the Zanflare SB-6039.

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Zanflare T1 Lantern Review

This lantern came to my attention through many discussions about how great it was.  I wasn’t initially interested, but I asked GearBest to send one over.  Zanflare is the GearBest housebrand, and they obliged my request!  Here’s my review of this cool little lantern.

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VKAR SCTX10 V2 1:10 4WD Short Course Remote Control Truck

Preface Time for another RC Car!  Both previous cars I’ve reviewed have been 1:12 scale.  This VKAR is a 1:10, so noticeably bigger, with bigger…

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Skilhunt H03F RC Headlamp Review

An update to he extremely popular Skilhunt H03 is the H03 RC.  The RC version adds charging, and not much else.  It’s a very nice package; read on for more!

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JJRC Q46 Speed Runner RC Car Review

After my previous experience with a remote control car, I wasn’t just ready to jump on the bandwagon for another one. But GearBest wanted to send this car…. And it was another by the same brand that broke on me. JJRC. So I was skeptical. This is the JJRC Speed Runner Q46. Spoiler: it’s orders of magnitude better than the Q39!!! 

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Ganzo F7551-CF Axis Lock Folding Knife Review

When I saw this one I immediately wanted one.  I love cleavers, I love carbon fiber, and the overall design of this one just drew me in.  GearBest sent one over – this is the Ganzo F7551-CF!

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VIVIBRIGHT GP100 Projector Review

GearBest sent over a projector for review.  I think this one’s a hot item at the moment; here’s my review and thoughts on it!  Note I’ve not reviewed a projector before, so this review could be slightly basic for seasoned projector veterans out there; I’m always open to improving my reviews based on constructive criticism!  

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Sanrenmu 604 Liner Lock Folding Knife Review

This one just showed up from GearBest one day.  I am not a fan of Tanto style blades, but I’ll still put down some thoughts about the knife.  I do like a small knife, though!  

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JETBeam BR10 GT Bicycle Flashlight Review

When I saw this light, I immediately knew it was one I wanted to see in person.  Knowing it’s made by JETBeam made it even more appealing; I’ve reviewed a bunch of their lights and typically really like them.  I liked this one for it’s shape, to be honest, but as a biker it’s nice to have a dedicated light made by a reputable company.  

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Motospeed CK61 Mechanical Keyboard Review

I have a short history of reviewing keyboards, and a growing collection.  I tend to like smaller boards, and I’m pleased that GearBest sent out this Motospeed CK61 for review.  Here’s the review, including teardown and thoughts!  Also, my first box switches!!

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Liitokala Lii-S1 Single Bay Charger Review

Liitokala is known for nice products which tend to be reasonably priced.  This is their latest offering, an update to the Lii-100.  This is the Lii-S1, which has a digital display, and the option to work no matter the orientation of the cell.  A novel feature!  Read on for more.

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Lumintop ODF30 Flashlight Review

I’ve started talking to Lumintop directly, but this ODF30 isn’t one they’d planned on sending.  GearBest sent it out, and here’s my test!  It’s a 26650 light with a Cree XHP70.2 emitter – a category that seems to be getting more interest lately.  Read on!

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ISDT C4 NiMH/Li-Ion Charger Review

I had seen this charger randomly around the internet and it looks so fancy.  I like fancy stuff.  It also looks like a very capable charger.  Here’s my review of it.  I’ll say up front (and this might be the best place, too) that this charger is is advanced enough that my typical charger-tester setup.  What I mean by that is the resistance in my usual setup got sensed by the charger and prevented higher current charging.

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Silent Automatic Ceramic Hair Curler Review

GearBest often asks me if there are any other categories I’d like to get items from.  Some of those times I throw the question in front of my wife.  This is one of those times, and one of her answers.
We have a lot of hair that can be curled around our house, but none of it is mine.  So this post is based on feedback from my family.

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Nitecore NU10 Headlamp Review

Here’s another Nitecore headlamp; GearBest sent this one over. It’s a [multi] emitter light with an indicating switch and red secondary. Most importantly, it’s a high CRI light!

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Rofis R1 Flashlight Review

Rofis is one of those brands I haven’t known for long, but I’ve by-and-large liked a whole lot.  Recently I had the MR70, and that’s going to be my go-to travel light.  Rofis has a thing for making lights with rotating heads, and this is another example.  This version, however, adds on-board charging!

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Klarus G35 Flashlight Review

I’ve come to like throwers, and I’ve liked many Klarus lights in the past.  I’ve been interested in trying out one of their dedicated throwers, and GearBest sent this G35 to me for testing.  Seems like a nice light?  Let’s give it a go.

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