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XTAR RC2-200 Lantern / Flashlight Review

XTAR has updated one of their fun little “handheld lantern” type lights, and I have one in for testing!  It’s the RC2-200, and offers two white modes, RGB, and even some disco modes too!  Read on for some thoughts and testing.

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Occasionally I get a light that I ask for.  Sometimes I don’t…  Sometimes I ask for something just because it looks fun and awesome and like it also might get you shot by police, and I get sent this light for review.  This is a hunting light.  I’m no hunter.  It’s still neat and fun, and I can evaluate.  I hope the info here will be useful for hunters.  This light has so many options.  I tapped out just a little with regards to a leave-no-screw-unturned rigorous evaluation, but I hope there’s a reasonable amount of info here.

Also forgive me for a little bit of holiday cheer – I’ve saved this Red and Green light for my Christmas Light review!!  Merry Christmas!

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Acebeam X80 Flashlight Review

I have an in creasing interest in can lights, and this x80 by Acebeam looks so great…. I reached out to and they agreed to send one out for review.  Here’s that review. Hope you enjoy!

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Nitecore SRT9 Flashlight Review

I think Nitecore picked up on how much I liked the SRT7GT, and so they sent out this SRT9 as well.  I still like the selector ring, and I’m glad to put the SRT9 through the paces.

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Nitecore SRT7GT Tactical Flashlight Review

My first (ever?) selector ring light. And this one has all the colors!

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