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Nitecore TIP SE Flashlight Review

Today I have in for review the Nitecore TIP SE.  You might remember the TIP SE from earlier promo photos where Nitecore used some completely…

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Nitecore TM9K Flashlight Review

Nitecore has long has a “Tiny Monster” line of lights.  I haven’t handled a bunch of them but today I have the new TM9K, which boasts a brief 9500 lumen output, a built in cell, and on-board USB-C charging.  Looks like a pretty neat light!  Read on for some testing!

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Imalent LD10 Flashlight Review

Imalent, maker of one of my favorite lights (the DX80) recently sent me this new LD10 light, which has one of my favorite emitters (Cree XP-L HI).  It’s a neat little light, but let’s test it out, shall we?

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RovyVon A29 Brass Flashlight Review

Another RovyVon!  This time it’s the brass version, and one I bought for myself.  That’s a testament to the other two from this series I’ve reviewed – the A23 and A28 – I liked them enough to put my own money into a version.  The A29, brass of course.  

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