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Wurkkos HD20 Headlamp Review

I have today my very first Wurkkos flashlight, the Wurkkos HD20 21700 headlamp.  It’s quite a beast, actually, offering every feature I can really think of.  Dual emitters (one high CRI, one flood).  USB-C charging.  USB-C powerbank(!!).  Magnet tailcap.  It’s just really a full featured headlamp!  Read on for some testing.

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Skilhunt M200 Flashlight Review

I reviewed the little brother to this M200 a while back – the M150.  I liked it and I am pleased to be able to review the M200, an 18650 version of this light.  It’s not exactly the same though, so read on for more info.  In particular the UI has seen some impressive enhancements!

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YLP Unicorn 1.0 Flashlight Review

I’ve seen these YLP lights floating around a bunch lately and they seem interesting enough that I wanted my own shot at them.  YLP agreed…

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Wuben TO50R HC Flashlight Review

This is the Wuben TO50R, which started on BLF as “The Flashlight.”  It claimed at the time 2500 lumens (bumped to 2800 now), high CRI, on-board charging, a cell included, and can be used as a powerbank, too.  

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Acebeam H50 Headlamp Review

Acebeam has dropped a new headlamp in the form of a three emitter 18650 light with USB-C charging.  It’s a nice looking device with three emitter options.  Read on for more thoughts and testing!

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