Vapcell 18350 LiIon Cell Review

Early into my interest in cell reviews I was sent a set of Vapcell 18350 liion cells.  My ways and means are different now, and LiIonwholesale agreed to send me a fresh set for testing.  So here’s another test of these well-regarded 18350 cells, this time with actual discharge (etc) data!  Who knows, in another year maybe my testing will have evolved so much further that these cells deserve another look! Samsung 30q 18650 Cell Review

I’m fortunate to have a “cell supplier” –  After my recent fake 30q review, I reached out with the wonder of what a set of real 30q’s would look like tested.  They agreed to send out a couple of authentic Samsung 30q’s (since they sell only authentic cells….).  So here’s a review of authentic Samsung 30q cells!