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Acebeam E10 Osram (White) Flashlight Review

Today I have in my hands a little light from Acebeam that packs quite a throwy punch!  The E10 is a 26350 cell dedicated thrower, and quite a little thrower it is.  Read on for some testing and thoughts.

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YLP Unicorn 1.0 Flashlight Review

I’ve seen these YLP lights floating around a bunch lately and they seem interesting enough that I wanted my own shot at them.  YLP agreed…

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Convoy M4U Flashlight Testing

Convoy has released a new 26650 light.  It’s a medium thrower, but with the addition of built-in charging and a side mechanical switch.  Looks pretty solid on paper; read on to see how it tests!

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Acebeam K75 Flashlight Review

Going Gear, the great store in Georgia sent me a light I’ve been itching to get my hands on…  The Acebeam K75 – I’m sure you’ve heard of it, or if you’ve looked out your door at night you’ve probably seen me shining mine up into the air.  This is a 18650×4 dedicated thrower with a Luminus SBT-90 Gen2, an uncommon emitter.  Read on for some thoughts and testing!

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RovyVon A23 Flashlight Review

RovyVon has released a new, bigger light.  It’s sort of a keychain light; bigger than their popular keychain series of lights, anyway.

This one’s still an Aurora.  The aluminum you’ll see here is the A23, but there are others.

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MechForce Tactical Suppressor Turbo Flashlight Review

Since my early days of talking to Mechforce about flashlights, they mentioned doing this 21700 light.  I talked to them a bunch about it but more than anything, I think they took comments (including many of mine specifically) about the MechTorch to heart.  They’ve just released this 21700 light, named the Tactical Suppressor – basically a [Hot Rod in the Turbo format] tube 21700 light.  Read on for testing!

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Convoy M3 Flashlight Review

BangGood sent a light from probably the most popular, inexpensive enthusiast brands: Convoy.  This is the Convoy M3, a “wall of light” 26650 cell light, and one that’s been discussed excitedly recently.  Here’s my testing and thoughts; hope you enjoy!

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Acebeam TK16 (Luminus SST20 Edition) Flashlight Review

Today I have in for review a light that has been highly anticipated, and well regarded, and one I’ve been extremely excited about reviewing.  Originally released in copper as a limited edition, the wider release of aluminum at a lower cost makes this an even more appealing light.

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Acebeam H40 Headlamp Review

Acebeam has a hot new little headlamp out!  It’s a High CRI model, and can work with AA sized cells.  Acebeam makes good stuff; read on to find out if this headlamp is too!

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Fireflies ROT66 Flashlight Review

Believe it or not, I buy quite a few lights.  More often than not those lights have Nichia emitters.  In this case, the light has nine nichia emitters (and a few other type too).  This light is by a new company on the block who’s hitting quite hard.  This is the FireFlies ROT66.

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