Skilhunt H04 RC Headlamp Review

I have another Skilhunt straight from – this time it’s the venerable H series headlamp – the updated H04 RC.  The H03 was a massive success and ended up with a bunch of iterations.  The H04 looks to be the same.  What I have is the version with built-in charging and a TIR optic.  Read on!

How Do I: Customise a Bic Clic Stic EDC Pen

I have what I’d call a fairly well considered EDC setup.  I have favorite things that I carry often, and useful things that stay with me for a long time.  The Spyderco Dragonfly 2, Benchmade Aphid, or a small SAK are my knives.  A TorchLAB BOSS is my is my light.  But pen…. I always need a pen….   This led to a problem which needed fixing, and I did it the best way I could!  Read on for more on why and how!