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Convoy C8+ 18650 Powered Thrower with Biscotti Flashlight Review

There’s a new seller in town!  The US-based store has opened and is selling the likes of Convoy, Lumintop, and Sofirn lights.  The benefit of course, is that the items are shipping from the US, so you’re likely to get your items much quicker than from other (even official) channels. sent the Convoy C8+ for a bit of testing, and I’m hopeful that many more Convoy reviews are on tap!

Weltool W4 “Dragon in Clouds” LEP Flashlight Review

I finally got a LEP!  This is the Weltool W4 and it’s a fantastic option in the LEP field…  LEP (Laser Excited Phosphor) lights are just pencil thin beam massive throwers – limited output (this one’s around 560 lumens) but throws a massive claimed 2.6km!!!  I’m super pleased to be able to present this review for you and thanks to Weltool and for sending this one over for review!