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Olight M2R Pro Warrior Orange (LE) Flashlight Review

I have for review an Olight M2R Pro Warrior in limited edition Orange.  This is the same as the Patriot edition I reviewed, with a Cree XHP35 HI (dedomed).  It’s quite a light!  Read on for some thoughts and testing!

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Seeknite SK03 Titanium Flashlight Review

The Seeknite SK03 titanium flashlight was a light that hit Banggood not too long ago.  I think it’s been around a while under other names,…

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Lumintop EDC18 Flashlight Review

Lumintop had great success with the FW series, and expanded it greatly.  They also went a different directly – a more standard light but with an e-switch on the side.  That’s the EDC18, and here’s my testing of it!

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Maglight MicroMag (kyfishguy) Flashlight Review

Another Friday!  Another Fun Fund Friday!  Today I have in my hands a light I bought for myself…. Nostalgia, new emitters,…  plenty of reasons.  But ultimately it came down to someone (u/tebeve, on reddit) lending me his copy of this light, and me realizing I really wanted to have one of my own.  This is a MagLite Micromag, which has been modified by kyfishguy on BLF.  The mods are extensive!  Read on to see about them, and this light.

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MechForce MechTorch Flashlight Copper Host Review

Today I have for review a bit of a departure from normal Wednesday flashlight reviews.  This is indeed a flashlight, but it’s just a host!  No guts are in this light (yet).  I’ve even mostly covered this light before in the review of the MechForce MechTorch Turbo, but I thought it might be interesting to see this light as a host, since it’s quite a nice host and available for purchase that way.

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