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Reylight Pineapple Mini Flashlight Review

Today I have in for review a light you all knew I’d buy…  It’s the Reylight Pineapple Mini in brass, with Nichia 219b.  It’s great, inexpensive, and supports multiple chemistries.  Read on if you need more convincing!

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Klarus Mi7 Flashlight Review

A double A light for review. I wasn’t really expecting this light, and I’ve gravitated toward bigger lights lately, but /u/gearbestlights asked if I’d like to review the Klarus Mi7 light. I noted it has a XPL-HI, I excitedly said yes. 🙂

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MecArmy PT16 Flashlight Review

Another review light from GearBest! This time it’s the MecArmy PT16. I happen to really like cr123 flashlights, and this is my first triple! I was extremely excited to have this one provided by GearBest.

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