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XTAR RC2-200 Lantern / Flashlight Review

XTAR has updated one of their fun little “handheld lantern” type lights, and I have one in for testing!  It’s the RC2-200, and offers two white modes, RGB, and even some disco modes too!  Read on for some thoughts and testing.

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Fenix E03R Keychain Flashlight Review

Today I have a little full-metal keychain light by Fenix.  It’s the E03R, and it’s a dual emitter red/white light with USB-C charging and an indicating e-switch.  Read on for some testing and thoughts!

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Wowtac BSS v4 Flashlight Review

Wowtac has released a version four of the BSS light – that’s Black Scout Survival.  I reviewed the v3 of this light already, so it’s nice to see v4!  It’s an 18650 light with built in charging, and is a complete package.  Read on for thoughts and testing!

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Klarus HR1 Headlamp Review

Another Klarus, and this time a headlamp.  This is a neat little thing, with a few battery options, and a few emitters.  Read on for some testing!

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RovyVon A8x Keychain Flashlight Review

Here’s one of the newer RovyVon lights – the A8x.  It’s an updated version of their keychain series.  Read on for some testing and thoughts!

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RovyVon A28 Flashlight Review

I find no better way to start 2020 than with a post about a RovyVon light.  RovyVon was huge for me in 2019, and I have this post and more upcoming from them.  This is the A28, a clear body light which has two secondary emitters – red and UV.

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Nitecore NU17 Headlamp Review

Nitecore has a new ultralight headlamp, with high output, high CRI, and red all built in!  It’s smaller than the previous iteration of this light, so would likely be great for long runs and the like.

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Nitecore P18 Flashlight Review

Nitecore has produced another interesting experiment with die-casting flashlights.  The P18, using a single 18650, has both white (main) and red (secondary) outputs, with dual switches.  Read on to see how the light performs!

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Maglight MicroMag (kyfishguy) Flashlight Review

Another Friday!  Another Fun Fund Friday!  Today I have in my hands a light I bought for myself…. Nostalgia, new emitters,…  plenty of reasons.  But ultimately it came down to someone (u/tebeve, on reddit) lending me his copy of this light, and me realizing I really wanted to have one of my own.  This is a MagLite Micromag, which has been modified by kyfishguy on BLF.  The mods are extensive!  Read on to see about them, and this light.

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Nitecore NU25 Headlamp Review

I’ve reviewed a bunch of Nitecore lights, but somehow this little headlamp slipped under the radar.  Nitecore reached out, and soon this diminutive three emitter, high CRI, lightweight headlamp was in my hands!  This is my kind of light, so I’m interested to see if it’s any good!

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