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RovyVon Aurora A3 Pro Keychain Flashlight Review

RovyVon released a “Pro” version of the Aurora A3.  I reviewed a similarly sized light – the Aurora A8x but this light differs notably in that it’s a reflector light and not a TIR light.  Read on for thoughts and testing!

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Deadwood Huckleberry Topo Flashlight Review

It’s not often that a single emitter (with reflector) light comes available in what we’ll generically call the “custom” market, but when Grant Spitz of Deadwood Custom Works announced the aluminum version of his popular Huckleberry he threw out the option of a 219b single.  I jumped on that.  This is a “full review” but at the same time there are some caveats, due to H17f and programming and… I’ll get into that later.  Read on!

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Lumintop FW1A Flashlight Review

Lumintop has been busy expanding on the FW line of lights.  First there was the FW3A, which I reviewed and like a lot.  Then there were some special metal editions (titanium, copper).  Now there’s a longer single emitter version, which I’m reviewing today:  The FW1A.  

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FocusWorks Eryx F1 Flashlight Review

Today I have a special light.  This is another “new to the flashlight market but skilled in other stuff” flashlight.  And it’s unusual.  Titanium and copper mix, and it’s a reflector light.  It’s not a run-of-the-mill triple, as so many customs* are these days.  I’m excited to have this one in my hands, and I hope if nothing else, the glut of photos I’ve included here tell you the story of this light!

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