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Seeknite SK03 Titanium Flashlight Review

The Seeknite SK03 titanium flashlight was a light that hit Banggood not too long ago.  I think it’s been around a while under other names, but I got in at the preorder price and couldn’t say no.  So here’s a Fun Fund Friday review of it! Official Specs and Features of the Seeknite SK03 Titanium …

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convoy s2+ sst20 2700K 6x7135 18650 laying on side

Convoy S2+LED Flashlight: Should Everyone Really Have One of These?

How long have I used a Convoy S2+ as a size reference light, yet never tested one officially.  How many flashlight fanatics have an 18650 Convoy S2+ LED flashlight?  Well I’m here to tell you everyone should!  It might not be this exact one (read to find out if I think it should be), but there are so many flavors that if you can’t find one you like, then you aren’t even trying.