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Custom ReyLight Gemini with Crescendo UI Flashlight Review

My Fun Fund Friday review for today is of a light I couldn’t not own.  It’s an orange coated ReyLight called the Gemini.  Now, this particular copy that I purchased myself, is from the secondary market, and the UI has been swapped entirely for something custom.  So I’m mainly showing my evaluation of the physical light itself and I’ll probably also comment some on the UI, which is ToyKeeper’s Crescendo.  Hope that type post interests you, and please read on!

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BLF A6 (by Astrolux) Flashlight Review

BLF A6 review, you say?  Yep, BLF A6 review.  Sure, it’s been a while since this light came out, and sure, other very compelling options exist.  But I never reviewed it, and it’s good to have more datapoints out there about it!  Read on to see how it stacks up.

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Fireflies ROT66 Flashlight Review

Believe it or not, I buy quite a few lights.  More often than not those lights have Nichia emitters.  In this case, the light has nine nichia emitters (and a few other type too).  This light is by a new company on the block who’s hitting quite hard.  This is the FireFlies ROT66.

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FidgetHQ Aonic 18350 and 18650 Flashlight Review

There’s a new maker in town!  These guys are FidgetHQ, makers of some fine and very popular fidget spinners in brass, stainless, copper, and titanium.  They know how to get things done, and they’ve set their eyes on flashlight.  This is their first offering, a triple emitter, 18650/18350 light, with Bistro firmware.  Here’s my review of this light!

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