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FireFlyLite E01 Luminus SST-40 21700 Flashlight Review

There’s a new US based seller of FireFly lights.  This is a big change, since they’ll be handling warranty work too.  Along with this change comes a change in name of the FireFly brand – it’s now FireFlyLite.  They set an E01, and based on some news I’ve handled over at, they have some very interesting lights upcoming!  Read on for a review of the E01 they sent to me.

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Reylight Krystal Flashlight Review

Today I am reviewing the Reylight Krystal.  This is a light I wanted for a long while but … well to be honest, not at “new” prices.  I finally found one used at an acceptable price.  I love many things about this light, and dislike a few.  Read on for thoughts and testing!!

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JETBeam HR10 Headlamp Review

JETBeam has a new headlamp available – the HR10.  It’s a complete package (cell included) and has built-in, USB-C charging, and an indicating switch!  Read on for more testing of this full featured headlamp.

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Goodbye 2019, welcome 2020!

Here at, 2019 has been great.  I hope it has been for you as well!  I’m going to take the opportunity to hi-light some of my most read posts this year, and some of my favorite gear!

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JETBeam JET-RRT01 Flashlight Review

The new hottest light on the market seems to be the JETBeam RRT01.  It’s a rotary light!!  That’s very unusual, and I’m very pleased that JETBeam revisited this light, which has been discontinued for a long while.  Read on to see what makes it special, and if it really stands out!

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Sinner 18350 Ready-Made Titanium Flashlight Review

I was lucky enough a while back to get in on a Sinner drop directly from Sinner himself.  So this light came to me directly from United Arab Emirates.  I was excited to snag it, but you don’t have to get these that way.  There is at least one site that drops these lights on occasion.  This is my review of the Sinner 18350 Ready-Made Titanium Flashlight.

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ReyLight Lan Ti, CaptRon25 Special, Flashlight Review

I’ve liked ReyLight for a while. I have a Pineapple, and it’s one of my go-to house lights. When CaptRon25 had a custom version of the Lan Ti produced, I was interested. I reached out, and here is the result! This is the polished version.

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Lumintop Elfin Flashlight Review

Here’s another light very similar to the Lumintop Torpedo I recently reviewed (and liked). This one has a slightly different build and a much different look – Rainbow!!

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