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Veleno Designs Quantum D2 Flashlight Review

Breaking out a standard classic for today’s post-Thanksgiving Fun Fund Friday review.  It’s a twisty 10180 light by the well known Steve Ku of Veleno Designs.  This is my second of these, and despite being available for years, they’re still being sold today!

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Acebeam M20 Flashlight Review

In my hands for review today is a small Acebeam AAA light – the M20.  It’s a twisty with good knurling and easy operation; read on for testing!

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Surefire Titan Plus Flashlight Review

I recently snagged this venerable classic by Surefire.  My second Surefire….  This is the Surefire Titan Plus, a coated brass LED light in AAA twisty format.  Read on for thoughts and testing!

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Astrolux M01 Keychain Flashlight Review

Two 10180 lights this week?  I had this one slated for later, but after the Lumintop light being a bit of a disappointment, I wanted to get something better back in that category.  This is the Astrolux M01, a light that’s been around for a long while.  It’s been updated to “219c” but read on to see a little surprise….

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Lumintop EDC Pico Keychain Flashlight Review

Lumintop has a new little keychain flashlight available.  It’s the format used by so many other lights but different in a couple of ways – body colors, and the Osram Pusra1 emitter!  Read on for more info!

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JETBeam JET-RRT01 Flashlight Review

The new hottest light on the market seems to be the JETBeam RRT01.  It’s a rotary light!!  That’s very unusual, and I’m very pleased that JETBeam revisited this light, which has been discontinued for a long while.  Read on to see what makes it special, and if it really stands out!

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Nitecore LA10 Lantern/Flashlight Review

Today I have in for review another Nitecore, but from an unusual source.  This one’s from Banggood.  This is one of those lipstick lantern style lights, and accepts AA sized cells.

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Maglight MicroMag (kyfishguy) Flashlight Review

Another Friday!  Another Fun Fund Friday!  Today I have in my hands a light I bought for myself…. Nostalgia, new emitters,…  plenty of reasons.  But ultimately it came down to someone (u/tebeve, on reddit) lending me his copy of this light, and me realizing I really wanted to have one of my own.  This is a MagLite Micromag, which has been modified by kyfishguy on BLF.  The mods are extensive!  Read on to see about them, and this light.

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Sofirn C01 Single Mode, Yuji High CRI, AAA Flashlight Review

BLF has conspired yet again to design a light that it’s impossible to not want.  This time it’s a tiny AAA light, made by Sofirn, with a Yuji emitter, and very high CRI.  The single mode is very low output, but with very long runtimes, and two temperatures available.    It’s also very inexpensive!  

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Nitecore MH40GTR Flashlight Review

Nitecore keeps dropping lights in the MH series.  This time it’s a thrower, of the 2×18650 variety.  And it has an interesting UI.  Read on to find out more!

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ReyLight Pineapple Mini Flashlight Review

I have review other Reylights before (Lan Ti and Pineapple), and like them.  I still use them quite often, actually.  Rey has an AAA light on the market, the Pineapple Mini!  At my request, Banggood sent this one over for testing.  Read on for my thoughts!

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Nitecore LR12 Flashlight Review

Nitecore has released a new lantern “lipstick style” light.  This time it’s in the 18650 format.  It was the LA10 before, in AA format.  I never had that light so I went in with no preconceived notions.  This is essentially billed as a dual purpose light; EDC and Lantern.

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Maratac AA Titanium Nichia (REV 2 2018) Flashlight Review

After my recent Maratac PCL Brass review, I realized CountyComm had a bunch more items that would be good for review.  I reached out to them, and this is the first of a few things they sent.  This is the Maratac AA Titanium flashlight, 2018 rev 2.  

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Maratac PCL Brass Keychain Flashlight Review

Everyone probably knows by now I enjoy brass lights.  All kinds, all sizes…. I recently acquired the Maratac PCL in Brass.  I don’t like these as keychain lights, but they’re fun lights to keep around.  They call it the Personal Carry Light, and here are my thoughts!

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Rofis R1 Flashlight Review

Rofis is one of those brands I haven’t known for long, but I’ve by-and-large liked a whole lot.  Recently I had the MR70, and that’s going to be my go-to travel light.  Rofis has a thing for making lights with rotating heads, and this is another example.  This version, however, adds on-board charging!

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Lumintop Tool AA Flashlight Review

I have reviewed a bunch of Lumintop lights, and really, I’m a fan.  The Tool AAA series was good enough that after I got the two review versions, I bought two more myself!  This is the Tool AA, which shares the look of the AAA version, and features as well.  Like the AAA version, there are a few options for this light.  Read on!

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Nitefox K3 Flashlight Review

Truth is, I really only like one kind of twisty light.  That happens to be triple A pocket lights.  Nightfox wanted to send another of their lights for review (the UT20) and I asked that they include this little twisty.  So here’s how that one pans out!  (The UT20 will likely be finished later this week.)

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Xiaomi Flashlight/Powerbank Review

This unusual light just showed up in the mail one day.  It’s not one I’d ask for and not something that would be in my normal rotation, but I figured ‘why not’?  So here’s the Xiaomi LED 240Lm Minimalist Portable Flashlight.

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DQG Tiny AA Brass Flashlight Review

I’m on a brass kick lately!  So I asked GearBest to send me this DQG Tiny AA Brass.  I already know I like DQG lights a lot, and I already know I like brass… So I was excited to see this one in person!

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DQG Fairy Flashlight Review

After an ongoing discussion here about the smallest 18650 light available, I talked Kathy at GearBest into sending one of those DQG Tiny 18650 lights. At the same time, she included the DQG Fairy. I’ve reviewed a similar light before – the CooYoo Quantum. These are fun little lights, but let’s put it through some paces to see how it looks.

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