recently sent me a review item and I convinced Calvin to send over one of these glow in the dark Storacells.  So, enjoy a few shots of these cool cell holders!

Official Specs

Here’s the whole category of 18650 Battery Caddies.


The GITD version (which I fully recommend) is $9.95 at

The Purple version and the clear version are $3.95 at

Short Review

These are great secure cell holders, and fit all sizes of 18650 cell that I have just perfectly.  Cells with stickers should be inserted carefully to avoid scrunching the sticker, but otherwise the wrappers are maintained.

Long Review


These holders ship in a plastic zip top baggie.

Build Quality

The PowerPax 18650 storage units are 4x cell holders.  They’re quite thick and not a brittle type plastic.  It’s good plastic for this application.

There’s a good bit of headroom for any length cell; that’s just the nature of the way these cells are being held in place.

Also note that these holders leave the terminals available – if you wanted to build these into a system of some sort, the terminals are available to you.  That’s not to say they’re dangerously exposed – the plastic is approximately 2mm thick, so a short in these would be…. unlikely.

The plastic is embossed with a Storacell logo.

Purple and clear are quite nice too.  Much less expensive, so that’s great.  On the other hand, GITD can be had for just over 2x the price of these others, so it’s the obvious choice.  😀


Well, they’re GITD.  Just how GITD are they?

Regardless of what the camera settings are for these, just know that properly charged (this was a real sun charge), these things really glow!


Weight: 1.2 oz.
Size: 3 1/2 x 1 x 3 1/4 in

Pretty reasonable size for a 4x 18650 holder.


Cells just slip in and slip out with the proper effort.  There’s a little tab on the top end which keeps the cells in – they will not fall out by any means.

One thing important for me is stacking these things – I’d really love for them to stack a bit better.  They do stack properly, but to stack securely they need to be offset as seen below.  That’s no issue, but be aware that’s how they stack.


What I Like

  • Secure holding of cells
  • Terminals are available for projects (or just testing voltage)
  • GITD is great

What I Don’t Like

  • GITD option is $10.
  • Stickers can be damaged if cells are not properly inserted


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