JETBeam HR30 headlamp

The JETBeam HR30 has been available for a while but it’s a neat headlamp, offering 950 lumen output, and a red secondary. Read on for testing!

JETBeam HR30 950 Lumen Headlamp Official Specs and Features

Here’s a link to the official product page.


Just this one version I believe.


Looks like these are in the $50 to $60 range, and one place you can grab one is through my amazon referral link!

Short Review

For a headlamp that was released maybe 2 years ago, this has held up pretty well.  It offers USB-C charging, and comes with a cell.  The red secondary is a good bonus, and with either cell type that fits, runtimes should be great.

Long Review

The Big Table

JETBeam HR30 950 Lumen Headlamp

Emitter: Luminus SST40 (N5)
Price in USD at publication time: $64.69 at amazon
Cell: 1×18650
Turbo Runtime Graph High Runtime Graph
LVP? Yes
Switch Type: E-Switch
Quiescent Current (mA):
On-Board Charging? Yes
Charge Port Type: USB-C
Charge Graph
Power off Charge Port All modes with or without cell
Claimed Lumens (lm) 950
Measured Lumens (at 30s) 889 (93.6% of claim)*
Candela per Lumen 5.2
Claimed Throw (m) 120
Candela (Calculated) in cd (at 30s) 340lux @ 3.61m = 4431cd
Throw (Calculated) (m) 133.1 (110.9% of claim)*
All my JETBeam reviews!
  • Measurement disclaimer:  I am an amateur flashlight reviewer.  I don’t have $10,000 or even $1,000 worth of testing equipment.  I test output and such in PVC tubes!!  Please consider claims within 10% of what I measure to be perfectly reasonable (accurate, even).

What’s Included

JETBeam HR30 headlamp what's included

  • JETBeam HR30 950 lumen headlamp
  • JETBeam 2600mAh 18650
  • Charge cable (USB to USB-C)
  • Pocket clip
  • Headband
  • Spare o-rings (2)
  • Manual and papers

Package and Manual

JETBeam HR30 headlamp manual

Build Quality and Disassembly

JETBeam HR30 headlamp

If you’re a fan of the spirals, you’ll like the JETBeam HR30!

Both tailcaps have spirals, and interestingly they are opposite directions.

JETBeam HR30 headlamp

I actually don’t like spirals, and in this case they don’t seem ideal either – they deter from ease of tailcap removal.

The body has minimal branding, as seen below.

JETBeam HR30 headlamp

The tailcaps are different – this one (below), which is the USB-C port cover, has spirals that don’t extend to the end of the cap.

JETBeam HR30 headlamp

The front plate, which has the e-switch, two red emitters, and the main emitter, is held in place by four TORX screws.

JETBeam HR30 headlamp emitter and switch

While the threads are the same on both ends, and the tailcaps will physically screw down on the wrong end, the light will not work in that configuration.  One has a spring, and the other does not.

JETBeam HR30 headlamp tailcap off

JETBeam HR30 headlamp tailcap spring

The charge port end doesn’t have a spring, and also has much longer threads.  These threads (both ends) are very smooth.  Anodized, and lubed nicely.

JETBeam HR30 headlamp charge port

The tailcap on the charge end is what I call “dumb” – no spring, no electronics, etc.  Just there to protect the charge port.

JETBeam HR30 headlamp charge port cover JETBeam HR30 headlamp charge end JETBeam HR30 headlamp headband

Inside the cell tube, you can see the “head” end, which has only a button and no spring.

JETBeam HR30 headlamp into cell tube

All in all this is a solidly built light, and feels very robust in hand.

Size and Comps

Length: 87mm
Head Size: 46mm
Weight: 105g(Exclude Battery)

If a light will headstand, I’ll show it here (usually the third photo).  If a light will tailstand, I’ll show that here, too (usually the fourth photo).

Here’s the test light with the venerable Convoy S2+.  Mine’s a custom “baked” edition Nichia 219b triple.  A very nice 18650 light.

And here’s the light beside my custom engraved TorchLAB BOSS 35, an 18350 light.  I reviewed the aluminum version of that light in both 35 and 70 format.

JETBeam HR30 headlamp with torchlab boss 35

Retention and Carry

This is a headlamp, so of course the primary means of carry will be a headband.

JETBeam HR30 headlamp headband

The one JETBeam includes is nice, and has an over the head strap as well.

You can see the attachment points above.  Both tailcaps have to be removed, and then the headband flexed off the light.  This means you have to pull those rings over the lubed threads, which I don’t like.  Also these loops are not the flexible variety, and removing the HR30 really requires some effort.

The headband is comfortable, too.

JETBeam HR30 headlamp headband

Here’s some detail on the attachment loops.

JETBeam HR30 headlamp headband clasps

Also included with the HR30 is a friction fit pocket clip.  The pocket clip is designed in such a way that it won’t interfere with the headband loops, but really, it’s hard enough to get the light in and out that you’ll probably pick one or the other setups, and that’ll be that.

In the pocket clip configuration, this would be a good chest strap, forward-facing light.  The clip is a friction fit clip.

Power and Runtime

The JETBeam HR30 is powered by a single lithium ion cell.  JETBeam includes an appropriate cell – a 2600mAh button top 18650.

JETBeam HR30 headlamp with cells

JETBeam HR30 headlamp 18650

This is a standard 18650.

In my initial run through of photos, I didn’t notice that there’s actually a tiny centering adapter inside there – you can see it below (in some follow up photos, which aren’t great – sorry!).  The 18650 has this plastic ring.  Not really necessary for operation, but it prevents cell rattle.

However, with this adapter removed, you’re able to use a 20700 cell.  These 20700 cells often have a larger capacity than an 18650, and runtimes will lengthen accordingly.  Note that I didn’t have luck fitting all my 20700 cells into the HR30.  What I used was this Sanyo 2070C, which I tested and reviewed here.

That specific 20700 cell fit fine, but a couple I have by Imren did not – the wrapper is too thick.

I tested the HR30 with only the included 18650.  The difference in 18650 and 20700 is academic – runtimes will be longer but not different, just as a runtime with a different capacity 18650 will be shorter or longer depending.

JETBeam HR30 headlamp runtime graph turbo

A complete shutoff when the voltage got low was observed.  The cell didn’t even get all that low – around 3.1-3.2V.  To be honest there’s not all that much energy in the cell below that anyway, so this voltage is perfectly acceptable.

JETBeam HR30 headlamp runtime graph high

JETBeam HR30 headlamp runtime graph medium

At 2.7V, I observed a flash by the red emitters.  This is described as happening “below 10% power.”

There’s also a battery check option – described in the UI table.  Here are the specifics:

Four red flashes: >91% power
Three red flashes: 41%-90% power
Two red flashes: 11%-40% power
One red flash: <10% power


As mentioned above, the HR30 also has built-in charging.  And for an older light (circa 2018?), it’s surprising to see USB-C.  The charge port is covered by one of the tailcaps, and the coverage seems secure.

JETBeam HR30 headlamp charge port

An appropriate cable is included – USB to USB-C.

Charging is brisk, at around 1.5A, and takes only around 2 hours.  This is pretty quick!

JETBeam HR30 headlamp charge graph

Modes and Currents

Mode Mode Claimed Output (lm) Claimed Runtime Measured Lumens Tailcap Amps
Turbo 950 2.8h (18650), 4h (20700) 889 2.65
High 400 3.8h 388 0.86
Medium 150 10.5h 135 0.28
Low 50 30h 0.12
Eco 5 100h 0.01
Red 1 100h 0.03

Pulse Width Modulation

Note that these modes are “highest to lowest” (unusual) and are logged that way below, too.  I’m not really sure that these lower modes are exhibiting PWM, or just some ripple.  Either way I don’t notice it.

For reference, here’s a baseline shot, with all the room lights off and almost nothing hitting the sensor.  And here’s the worst PWM light I have ever owned.  Also one of the very first lights I ordered directly from China!

User Interface and Operation

There’s a single switch for operation.  It’s an e-switch, and it’s right smack on the front.

JETBeam HR30 headlamp emitter

The switch is also somewhat tiny, and relatively “hard.”  Not “hard to press” or anything, just feels like it has a lot of resistance somehow.

JETBeam HR30 headlamp emitter

It’s not a bad switch, but I don’t like it being straight on the front.  This location means I have to push directly against my head when pressing the button, and with it’s high resistance, that is annoying.  That switch is also very small, so you must be deliberate with your finger placement.

JETBeam HR30 headlamp switch

Here’s a UI table!

State Action Result
Off Click High
High Click Low
On Hold Mode advance downward (Turbo > High > Medium > Low > Off)
Off Hold Turbo
Any Double Click Red Flashing
Red Flashing Double Click Red Steady
Red Steady Double Click Power indicator^

^ Power indicator is described in the Power and Runtime section

LED and Beam

The main emitter seen below is a Luminus SST-40.  It’s not stated that I see, but this is a cool white emitter.  The main emitter (white) has a shallow, lightly orange peel reflector.

JETBeam HR30 headlamp emitter

JETBeam HR30 headlamp white emitter on

Two red emitters are present, too.  These have only one steady mode, aren’t all that bright, and surprisingly have a somewhat bad beam shape.  However, for their intended purpose (like reading maps or whatever), they are likely just fine.  These two can’t be controlled independently, and the total output is very low.

JETBeam HR30 headlamp red emitter on

These beamshots are always with the following settings:  f8, ISO100, 0.3s shutter, and manual 5000K exposure.

Tint vs BLF-348 ( 219b version) (affiliate link)

Test light is on the left!

I compare everything to the 219b BLF-348, because it’s inexpensive and has the best tint!


What I like

  • Dual emitter setup
  • USB-C charging
  • Charging is quick
  • Complete package
  • No PWM
  • Works with 20700 cells, providing longer runtimes

What I don’t like

  • Switch is hard, and tiny
  • Cool white emitter
  • Highest to lowest mode groups
  • No shortcut to ECO


  • This light was provided by JETBeam for review. I was not paid to write this review.
  • This content originally appeared at  Please visit there for the best experience!
  • For flashlight related patches, stickers, and gear, head over to PhotonPhreaks, another site where I write!
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