This just in!  From PhotonPhreaks, the Oversize Desk Mat!  If you’re the kind of person like me who has a desk, and wants to put things on that desk, then this is the post for you!

Official Specs and Features

Here’s a link to the PhotonPhreaks Oversize Desk Mat product page.


There’s just one version.


These oversized desk mats by PhotonPhreaks are going for $18.94.  The specificity of this price is no doubt in celebration of the birth year of the Republic of Hawaii.

Short Review

First off, this review is mostly of the mat, but also some other swag by PhotonPhreaks.  Magnets, stickers, patches…  Just good stuff.

All of it is awesome.  I recommend it all.  I may be bias though (I do write for PhotonPhreaks!)

Long Review

What’s Included


  • PhotonPhreaks Oversized Desk Mat
  • PhotonPhreaks Owl Eyes Logo Sticker

My order did contain some other items though, but more on that following.


Package and Manual


The mat ships in a flat bubble mailer.  Your post person is probably going to fold it.  Fear not!  The mat is up to this task, and will not be damaged.

patch and magnets Patches ship in zip top baggies.  Magnets (at right) also ship in zip top baggies.

Build Quality

desk mat

The PhotonPhreaks Oversized Desk Mat is what I’d call a large mouse pad.  That’s the feel and consistency of it – I think the name bears out this idea, too.  It’s not a “regular sized break down your gun on it” mat.  It’s an oversized desk mat.

desk mat backside

The back is grippy like a mouse pad, and doesn’t squirm around on your desk.  Or in your hand or if you were wearing it as a shirt.  It’s pretty grippy.

in use

I didn’t really disassemble this oversized desk mat because who does that.  I did take some glamour photos with it, though.  ¯_(ツ)_/¯

with torchlab boss 35 copper ft

in use with magnets in use

Like I said about mailing – you don’t really have to worry about mail damage.

draped lusciously over zeroair's hand

Mine shipped folded exactly in half, and there is not a single damaged spot at all.

even more draped images

Roll it up, light it up, inhale, exhale.

mat rolled mat rolled

PhotonPhreaks Oversize Desk Mat- Mouse Pad- Work Mat – Flashlight Patent Art

Size and Comps

Officially the mat is 10″x15″ x 1/8th” and based on no measurements that I took, I find that to be probably true.

two dollar bill on mat


There is one patch in these photos – it’s the Ugly Sweater Christmas Morale Patch.

patch in hand patch back side patch with torchlab boss 35 magnet in use


I claim just a bit of responsibility (but no liability whatsoever) for this design.  PhotonPhreaks was discussing making an [actual] flashlight ugly sweater and I suggested it have a velcro patch spot on the front.  Then went META and thought it’d be funny to have an Ugly Sweater Christmas Morale Patch that you could put on your Ugly Christmas Sweater….  I love it, either way.

These patches don’t stick to flashlights at all.  What was that guy thinking? ^

PhotonPhreaks Ugly Sweater Christmas Morale Patch – Flashlight and Santa Flashlight embroidered patch


PhotonPhreaks also sells magnets, which I think is a new development.

mat with magnets

These are listed under the “Misc Swag” on PhotonPhreaks’s site.  I say we make them so popular that they get their own product category.

magnets in hand magnets on mat magnet in hand backside

Magnets are the best, because you can affix them non permanently to things like your refrigerator, your tool box, or your favorite pet if your favorite pet happens to be mostly metallic and ferrous.

These magnets are also the best because they’re semi-retro designs.  Simon brought back some of the popular old-school PhotonPhreaks designs (stickers, patches) and now they’re magnets.

Some of these magnets are still available in the PhotonPhreaks store.  But once they go away, they typically don’t come back.  Unlike things that truly love you.
PhotonPhreaks Devil Phreak Flashlight Themed Flexible Fridge Magnet
PhotonPhreaks r/Flashlight Flexible Fridge Magnet
PhotonPhreaks Baby Phoda Flashlight Themed Flexible Fridge Magnet


What I like

  • Swag.  I mean it’s swag, who doesn’t love swag
  • Relatively inexpensive swag
  • It’s flashlight related swag, not just regular ol’ swag
  • Magnets, how do they work

What I don’t like

  • Brood X
  • U2


  • I ordered these myself for my own enjoyment. I do also write for the seller of this item, PhotonPhreaks.
  • This content originally appeared at  Please visit there for the best experience!
  • For flashlight related patches, stickers, and gear, head over to PhotonPhreaks, another site where I write!
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